Springbreak Disney Style!


Just got back from a great trip last week, weather was hot hot hot, but the best thing was there wasn’t a bit of snow on the ground!! After a long cold winter we were glad to leave the 3 feet of snow still on the ground here and see the palm trees!!

Anyway, this isn’t much of a trip report, but I do have to say that even amongst all the hesitations I had with the fastpass system and new magic bands and the sometimes painful computer planning, everything worked out great.

We had a few nice surprises as well. One day I had the Malestrom planned as a fastpass and the ride went down, and we received an email that we could have a “free” fastpass to use at any location, on any ride, and we could just walk up and use it - no prebooking necessary.

We were also chosen to test a fastpass option at the Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch. We were able to book a reservation window, walk up, were seated right away without waiting in line, and the food came right away. We ordered at the restaurant, but we had an option to order online prior as well.

The highlight of our youngest DD’s trip was meeting Anna/Elsa. However, I have to say that I was completely unprepared for the popularity of this. We arrived in Norway at 9:30am, and we were told the line up was 4-5 hours long!! Yikes!! In the end, we waited it out and it turned out to be just slightly over 3 hours. Not as bad as we were initially told, but some more opportunities to mee these princesses in other areas/parks would be much easier on families. We were able to take shifts standing in line as my parents travelled with us as well, however, many families weren’t able to stay or didn’t want to give up so much of their time in the park waiting in line.

One last surprise to us was that the Beaches and Cream Soda Shop at the Beach Club, now takes reservations. Unfortunatley I only found this our a couple days before our arrival, and I couldn’t get a reservation for earlier than 9pm every night. That turned out alright, Ice Cream and Fireworks are a perfect mix. :slight_smile:

All in all, it was a wonderful trip…can’t wait to plan for the next Disney adventure!!


Thanks for the tips and information…nice to know that Beaches and Cream takes reservations now.

They are moving Anna and Elsa to the MK with FP+ I believe—forget when though. That is an incredible amount of time to wait to see characters…wow…



It sounds like a perfectly magical trip in every way! Thank you for sharing!


Wow, Beaches & Cream take reservations now??? That is great to know.


They still allow select walk-ups for dining, but I was told they try to restrict for parties of 4 or less, and the only seating is at the counter.
If you want a table, or have a larger party, or don’t want to wait in line, you will require a reservation.
Of course the take-out counter is still open as antoher option as well.
Happy Planning!


I know many people love Beaches And Cream, but for me, I just don’t get the attraction.
It might help if they had a larger selection of flavors, I will say that much.