Spur of the Moment One Day Pass


I am heading south to Vegas next week with my father too see the NASCAR race… :cool:

Depending on how fast and far my father and I manage to travel, I would like to sneak into DL for a good chunk of a day. Possibly Thursday the 9th of March…

I have a Premium Annual Passport, so I am covered no matter what. My father has nothing (and he has never been to DL).

Are there any good deals for a last minute 1-day ticket that anyone knows of? I am not sure if we would just do DL or do a park hopper, so I would love ANY tips on both options. I could always stand in line and buy him a pass, but maybe someone knows a better idea!

I want to hear it!

THANKS!!! :biggrin:


That I know of the only “deals” are just simply the one day one park tickets (or so I know) but if your going to go I would just get a park hopper so you can at least show your dad good ol’ DCA and ride some of the awesome rides it has to offer, This is what I suggest, but what do I know…Im just a dumb dorky Disney loving teen…


Any $$$ saving ideas??? :huh:


Is it the same price as WDW? (aka ‘Crazy Expensive’?)

Just wondering.


How long have you been a mouse meister?


Hey Goof Father… I don’t have any DL advice for ya, but I wanted to comment on your NASCAR day. I’m so jealous… You know them Roush boys are gonna tear Vegas up…


For sure! They tested well on these tracks, so I am expecting a good show for 6, 16, 17, 26 and 99! :biggrin:


Since earlier in the day! :cool: I stopped at 1000 for a while, because it looked cool… :cool:


Make sure you cheer for the 48 and the 20 to hit the wall for me… :biggrin:


1000 DOES look cool, Goof. :c) Very cool! Congrats!


You’re so strange… :laugh:


Done and done! I will also hope for the devil in the #20 to get into the wall HARD by the grace of Matt Kenseth’s bumper of justice! :biggrin:


Now THAT was AWESOME! Bumper of Justice…AWESOME!


I know that here you can buy the park hopper passes at Safeway, I think its called Vons in other states. There really aren’t any deals for one day passes, but I am pretty sure you get a discount at the gate with your annual pass when you buy it. Oh, and I wish you were going a few days later, I’m gonna be there! It would make you day that much more magical! Heehee!


Oh and if you don’t have the Disney Visa card, you can get a free 1 day park hopper passport with your new card and your annual pass.


Yea over here in Cali Vons is having this BIG ticket promotion for DLR, a thingy to buy your tickets there so you dont have to once your at the resort - Costco is doing the same, only they offer a bit more - one day tickets, park hoppers, multi day park hoppers, etc.


Yeah Pu, it is funny how some of us folks just miss each other… :pinch: And I am not totally sure I will be there… :sad: BUT I am gonna try really hard. I think I will also just pay for my father’s way in, so that he is more agreeable! :wink:

I think once my father is in the park he will be just fine. I think he will dig Star Tours, Buzz and Indy. Some of the roller coaster-ish rides will probably not be his favorites though. I have to get him on Splash Mountain. I want to have a pic of him and I going down! :biggrin:

Anyone know how much the single day passes are at Vons/Safeway (they are Safeway here)??? Do you save any $$$ over going to the gates? I am sure you save time though! :wink:


Oh, and Pu… Oh PuuuUUuuuUUUuuu???

When and where will Dizzy be next Thursday? Any idea of what character she may be helping that day??? :wink:

I would love to get a shot of me with Dizzy helping out a character! :tongue:


Oh man Im really not sure if you save any money from buying the tickets at Vons (Im sure you do or something in that sort), haha I have never actually checked the prices of the tickets that are sold through them. Im sure you can find the prices and that stuff on their website. :smile:


I just saw this!! I’m gonna call her today and find out! Well actually going to text her. Did you mean today or next Thursday? Probally today huh?