[Squeeel] Birthday party aboard the Grand 1 yacht


WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Just wanted to shout how excited I am that I will be having my 34th birthday party aboard the Grand 1 yacht out of the Grand Floridian this coming July!! Heeeeyyyy! :ohmy::wub::happy:

16 of my local friends and family members! Cake, snacks, drinks!! Can’t wait! So exxxxcciiiiittteeeeddd! :biggrin:


Ooh! What fun. We will need a trip report for sure!


Now that is WAY COOL. Enjoy that party! ! !

If I ever hit the lotto I want to take a ride on the “Breathless” which is the classic old speedbat by the Yacht Club. I just love boats or any kind!



amazing :closedeye


Congrats to you Wish!


OOOH! That will be a wonderful birthday!


Wonderful - lots of photos please.


That’s awesome! Enjoy!


That’s wonderful! I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing evening, I can’t wait to hear all the details.


That is awesome! Full details are expected after the trip! Pictures too!


Sounds wonderful! Have a very happy birthday, Jess!:happy:


Wow! What a great way to spend your birthday!


Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate.


Thanks guys, I am really excited! I always wanted a big 30th bday party and I never got around to doing one so four years later I am doing a little party in big style! :biggrin: I am most nervous about weather considering it’s mid-July in central Florida & thunder/lightening could be a boating issue but I’ll pray for the best! The boat will depart the Grand Floridian in enough times so we can watch the fireworks on board too.


What cool way to celebrate your birthday.Can’t wait to hear all about it.


That is awesome!! I didn’t even know they did this. I will have to research this more.


Have you posted your date in the “Who’s Cruising Forum?” :laugh:


oh my goodness! I cannot wait for this trip report! Congrats!


lol. No, but great idea! :laugh: