Ssn's mini QS trip report


DH and I went to WDW for our 17th Anniversary w/o DD :wub:
from May 13-May 16th. We knew that we wanted to spend alot of time at the countries in Epcot so we decided to stay at the BC. Since we weren’t going to be there for too long, I chose the QS dining plan so we could be a little more spontaneous. Since I haven’t heard too much about people doing the QS plan, I thought I’d write about our experience. Since DD wasn’t with us, I was travelling light - so didn’t take any pictures.

So we left home on Friday the 13th :ph34r: at 6:45 am and arrived at MCO at 9:30 am!! On the flight down we used Southwest and once again loved flying with them. (Flew home on Jet Blue and still like SW better). We used ME and other than waiting in line to board the bus for about 25 minutes, we were happy with the service. It’s really great to not claim your bag at baggage claim! We were at the BC at 11:00 am.

I did online check in. In the past I basically walked up to the counter and was handed a folder and was on my way. This time there were alot of questions asked, alot of looking things up in the computer. So it took a bit longer than usual. The only thing I can think of is the CM was looking to see if there was a room ready for us. I thought that was nice since it was only 11. We told him we were fine if the room wasn’t ready and we were off to Epcot!


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Fri the 13th (cont.)

So we made the short walk over to Epcot. We loved how close it was to walk here!! Went right to Soarin to grab a fastpass. Our goal for this trip wasn’t to jam in every ride - we wanted to try to enjoy the things we normally wouldn’t do if DD was with us. So…that meant a stop at La Cava! DH loves margaritas, so I was dying to have him try out the place. We walked in about 5 minutes after it opened so there was plenty of seating. I ordered the San Angel Inn Premium: El Mayor Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec and sour mix, served on the rocks and DH had one that was a special and was called a Pomegranite Margarita. We also ordered the Chips & Salsa. The chips were hot out of the oven - very good! The salsa was a chipotle salsa and had a conistency of tomato paste. Not what I’m used to, but very good. The drinks were super strong, so we only opted for 1 each. Nothing here was on the dining plan. We really liked coming here and agreed that it really wouldn’t be a fun place to take DD to, but great for an adults only break!

So after our drinks in the cool cave, we ventured out back into the 90 degree sun! We decided to to have some lunch. We wanted to try some counter service places that we never went to before, so we went to Yakitori House in Japan. It was pretty warm out so we decided to eat indoors. The tables are long, so if you have a small party other people will share the table with you. I ordered the: Shogun Teriyaki Combination - teriyaki chicken and beef with steamed vegetables and rice and DH had: Tempura Shrimp Udon - Tempura shrimp and udon noodles served in a clear broth with green onions. To drink he had an iced green tea and I had lemonade. For dessert I had a choc chip cookie and he had ginger cake.

My meal was pretty good. I liked the chicken better than the beef. The size was pretty good with alot of white rice and fresh veggies. Even though my cookie was pre-packaged it was very good and chewy. DH’s really liked his meal. The udon noodles are super thick lomein noodles in a broth - with the tempura shrimp on top. Not what I would’ve ordered on such a hot day, but he liked it. I tried the ginger cake & didn’t like it at all, but he liked it (he likes just about everything BTW :wub:)

more after dinner…


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Disney trips without the kiddies are great! I’m glad you like Yakitori House, we plan on eating there Friday.


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…so a few things to add about Yakitori. The meal was good, but it was one of those that I’m not rushing to go back to. I’m glad I tried it, but there’s plenty of other better places to go to. It might have helped if the man sitting next to me didn’t have his messengar bag practically sitting on my lap! He sat in the seat next to me and kept his bag strapped across him so it was sitting on my chair! I need my personal space, so this bugged me a little! So other than that decent 1st QS meal.

We got a text from the BC that our room was ready, so we decided to go check it out and recharge. (Starting to feel the effects of getting up at 3:30, flying, margaritas & hot sun).

Since we were on the QS plan, the resort mugs were included on it. I thought this might be a waste since we wouldn’t fill up and then go to the parks, but we actually used them alot. I didn’t realize that hot beverages were also included with the mugs! We brought a few breakfast items to eat in the room and each morning DH would go and make us tea in the mugs and bring back to the room. There is a nice selection of flavored Twinings Tea next to the soda dispensers. There’s even a place to rinse out your mugs.

So our room was on the 4th floor with a garden view. One night we were able to watch some of Illuminations from our balcony. There was work being done on much of the exterior of the BC so we were glad that our view wasn’t of all the equipment.

So a little bit about the room. This is the 2nd time we’ve stayed at the BC. The 1st time was before the rooms were refurbed and we thought the rooms were a bit rundown -stains on the carpet etc. The last time it also bothered me that I could hear the man in the room next to us use the bathroom each morning :eek:. Since we were planning on spending alot of time in Epcot this trip we decided to give it another try. So this time the rooms have been refurbed and we LOVED them! The beds are so comfy!! We really loved it. There’s no couch like the Poly, so I’m assuming the rooms are only for 4 people. Mousekeeping was great, room was always spotless.

The only negative - as in our last trip - we could hear the people in the other room perfectly!!! So we found out Ava and Joshua’s parents (that’s how clear we heard them - we knew all their names!) are early risers, so every morning at 6am we heard the parents try to get them ready and out the door! DH though it was coming through the connecting doors. Not that I was planning on sleeping in each day - but who wants to be woken up to someone yelling at their kids every morning on vacation - I can do that at home!!

So ME was great - our luggage was right behind us as we walked through our door.

We (I should say “I”) unpacked, refreshed and we headed back to Epcot. Wow, when the sun went down the weather was just beautiful!

Used our Soarin fast pass and then decided to have dinner at Sunshine Seasons. Really the best CS at Epcot in my opinion. Never had a bad meal here. I had the Caesar Salad - with Oak-fired Chicken and DH had: Togarashi Seared Tuna Noodle Salad. I loved my salad and DH was really happy with his too. For dessert I had my fave: strawberry shortcake and he had key lime pie.
Sunshine Season is a must-do for us each trip and didn’t dissapoint again!

Went on Test Track, Malstrom, 3 Cabalaros - did alot of browsing. WS was open until 12 am this night. Stopped in the English Pub had a few beers. There was a group in here that had obviously been there all day - they were so loud and obnoxious, while families were sitting right next to them in the restaurant having dinner. What does Disney do about this? They did abruptly leave, but I didn’t notice anyone coming over to talk to them. It didn’t bother me, but if I was having dinner with little kids I think I would be annoyed.

Watched Illuminations - such a great show. I don’t think I ever really took the time to stop and understand the message behind it.

DH tried a Gingerita (he liked it, was very gingery) from the China kiosk and I had a beer from Mexico. We decided to have a snack and ordered the Nachos at the Mexico cs. They didn’t count as a snack option (they would have counted as a QS meal) so we paid OOP. These are delicious!! Very big serving - real refried beans - fake yellow cheese wiz :blush:, ground meat. Really good.

We called it a night after this and were very happy with our 1st day! :wub:


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Great TR! We were there as well that same weekend… Did you check out any of the Pixar events?


The Rose and Crown is a pub which can get loud just like in the UK. Should parents expect any different if they dined in a bar in US?