SSR fans unite!


I’m getting depressed.:frown: We’re new to DVC & have not 1 but 2 contracts at SSR and will visit for the first time in March. Nobody on the forums ever picks SSR as their favorite.:crying: There has to be somebody out there who loves SSR! Tell me I won’t be disappointed when I visit? :redface:


We will be renting points for the first time there in June. I have only heard really nice things about it and it looks beautiful in the pics!!


It’s a beautiful resort, just HUGE.


Please go read the TR in my signature (I talked about it in post #14 & there are tons of SSR pics). I was converted, I own at SSR and used to be COMPLETELY bummed about it. Yes, it does bare the brunt of a lot of guff but when you take time to appreciate ALL it has to offer it’s wonderful! :heart: Still can’t bring myself to stay anywhere but in “the Springs” but who knows, I could change my mind about that one day too.


You’re not alone - I LOVE SSR. It’s a beautiful resort. Very laid-back, relaxing and quiet. AND it’s close to the Marketplace. Our favourite area is Congress Park because it’s so close to the Marketplace and not too far to the lobby. We don’t have small kids, and we’re not really pool people, so it’s not necessary for us to be close to the main pool. I prefer the quiet pool. In fact the quiet pool in Congress Park is my favourite swimming pool at WDW.

Like Wish said - the Springs is a great location, very close to the main lobby and swimming pool.

It is a huge resort - but people make way too much of that. Try walking down the never-ending hallway at BWV and you’ll realize that every DVC property has it’s pluses AND drawbacks.

Relax - it’s a great place to stay.


That is true, every resort has good and bad points and it’s all a matter of opinion.

We had the last room in the never ending hallway at BWV and it was a looong way from teh lobby–but close to MGM.:laugh:


We love SSR it is beautiful. Don’t be bummed about it. Enjoy every minute there. It is stunning.


For me it was all about the cost of things- we never go during high markets due to my aversion to crowds- so the 11 month rule did not help me much. We chose SSR for that reason first- it also has a lot of things to offer the kids and its location proximity to DTD was wonderfull for us since our least favorite part of our trips are the slow bussing to and from DTD- this will be so much fun for us! So as of right now our fav is SSR


altamouse… we have not stayed there, but I hav ebeen studying the pics of the rooms, and they are spectacular!

And… we had one of the best WDW counter-service meals EVER at SSR’s Artist Palette! It was just terrific, prepared fresh for us, and delicious! And right outside the restaurant was an incredibly cool pool, sort of craggy rocks and so forth! Really beautiful!


I think we had that same room! I could have collected fastpasses to Tower of Terror from the balcony.:laugh:


:laugh: I had read about that room but I never really thought we would get it–what are the chances? I stepped out on the balcony and felt like I could have dipped my toes in the water that runs between the resorts. We did get a new room but the CM wasn’t happy about it.

When we stayed at SSR we were in the building that was farthest from the main area at that time. There were more buildings being built that are even farther out but at the time we could not have had a longer walk to the main area. I guess the walk seems shorter at some of the other resorts because it’s inside and I’m not out in the summer heat.


I am feeling so much better–especially after skimming through WishUponAStar’s TR.:happy: I knew there would be some sunshine from the 'Buzzers.:biggrin: Now I just have to keep counting down the days…


We found one of those hallways at the Wilderness Lodge Villas, lol!

Seriously…SSR is a beautiful resort with an awesome restaurant. Request “The Springs” and you’ll be close to everything!


We saw, we bought, we loved all in one day. We visit SSR for one week per month from September thru March with two weeks at Christmas-New Years. Going back in two weeks. When our schedule permits, we try to get in a trip during the summer, too. SSR is comfortable, home-like, quiet. We like being able to park at the door, easy to come and go esp since we don’t spend all out time at WDW. DH frequently rises early and walks to the first movie of the day at DTD. Can’t do this at any other DVC resort. What’s not to love? Above all else … IT’S DISNEY! Not many folks can say they “live” at Disney World but we can for about 8 weeks a year!


I had that room too… .some nights, we literally had to carry the kids down the last stretch of hallway because their legs couldn’t make it! :laugh:

But after putting ht ekids to bed, we watched every evening from the balcony of our faraway Boardwalk room, and it was totally magical! :wub:

Altamous, go to this slide show and you will see how beautiful your new home is! I think you are going to be so thrilled with it!

Saratoga Springs Spa and Resort Photo Slide Show


I stayed at SSR in Dec 2006 and really liked it! It was not my 1st choice (actually, it was my 4th :eek: ) and I got stuck in the Carousel section (the building closest to the Paddock). I couldn’t walk to the main building…had to drive! But since we had a car, it was totally fine! The PLUS staying in this section was that the busses came to pick us up FIRST and drop us off FIRST. We ALWAYS got a seat! People in the Springs and Congress Park always had to stand.


This vacation will be so cool. The anticipation will build and crest until you pull up front to check in. When you get out of your transportation, you will be greeted with a hearty “Welcome Home.”

Nice cast members will assist your seem less check in and move into your new digs. And what digs they are - fresh, new, roomy and comfortable.

and then… THEN your vacation will kick off.


I stayed there in Oct./Nov. and loved the place!!! In fact we are staying there again in May!!!


SSR is my home resort. It is a beautiful and relaxing resort. Although we want to try every resort, I would never be sad about being at SSR.All the resorts have their good and not so good points but in my opinion, if you are a Disney it can’t be that bad! I :heart: SSR and you will too!


Will be staying there in August and can’t wait, I think the resort looks fantastic and I cant wait to take some time out to explore it, the fact that its pretty big did put me off at first but the more pictures I see etc the more I grow to love the place! I just hope we dont get stuck at the back of beyond miles away from everything, walking doesnt generally bother us but were use to AKL where getting a drink only takes about 10mins from room to mara!