Ssr food court


I have just returned from a great trip,all went well except for some bus problems …that being said I have one complaint the food court at ssr ,or should I say the lack of one …true it is a vacation club resort but I was not alone in my assesment that the food court combined gift shop is a bad idea …also the selection is limited the confusion is great and the help seemed truly frustrated …also the lack of a hamburger,fries,pizza and nacho’s seem to be truly un saratoga ,ny like.also the sharing of registers with the gift shop is unacceptable,the package pick up is at the same registers …it at best seems like an after thought …finally on our last day I went to the food court ,a gentleman from the backl ,yelled out and said that if I wanted something made special he would gladly take care of it,so I went to the ordering stationand said I would like a sandwhich that they sold ,except I would like it without cheese and then informed me that he couldn’t because they came pre made…OK …I then said to my wife let’s go and eat in the turf club restaurant ,went ther and were told they wwere not open ,it was 11.40 am ,all I wanted was lunch and they were not open yet…again I was told by other guests that they were not pleased by this situation at SSR and expressed their concerns and so far they have fallen on deaf ears…anybody have similiar stroies or concerns


We’ve only stayed at SSR once and knew going in the quick service was limited. In fact, the three DVC resorts we’ve stayed at (SSR, BCV, and BWV) have limited quick service options. Once you move up to a deluxe resort the food court seems to be something WDW doesn’t think is always needed.


Those are the reasons we didn’t want to stay there this trip. We are going to try Pop this time.


I was disappointed also, even though SSR is our home resort and we do love it there we do not like the food court. I will say that we have only stayed at ASMo’s, OKW and SSR but the ASMo’s had so many choices and I do miss that food court.


We’ve stayed at SSR a few times. I agree, they need to overhaul the food service. The line is always too long. The thing I did enjoy was the fruit and cheese platter, and strawberries and cream that you could get in the “store” part of the shop. It was nice to take them down to the pool and enjoy with a margarita!!


Agreed. I stayed at SSR once and won’t likely do so again. Besides being too much like condo-living, the lobby is TOO FAR away from most rooms and the food options are indeed minimal. Yuck.


Wow, I am surprised to read these bad reviews. I’ve not had a problem with any aspect of SSR. My packages were easily retrievable, the boys could access the feed sacks w/out issue and they keep the beer cold.


Boss, this may be politically incorrect, but I have to ask. Do you by chance like beer? Just asking.:whistling Bet you’d like it here in Milwaukee. We’ve got lots of beer.:wub:


I too liked the SSR food court, for the most part. The line to order was way too long on our last day there, so I bought premade sandwiches instead. But other times, the line was short and the wait not bad. We never made it to the Turf Club. We were there 9 days and just ran out of time. LOL. But I will say the daily dinner specials at the food counter impressed me. We took our food, stuffed meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans, back to our 1-bedroom villa and had a nice family meal. And we loved those Saratoga Chips. I do agree the gift shop, grocery store and food court combo was confusiong at first, but we figured it out. And the long walk to the food court, while relaxing, could have been shorter. I’d go back.


I have done some research ,basically this food court was originally setup weak because it was part of the disney institute and downtown was so close ,also in the past they said if you wanted a larger selection go to POR ,also they realize they have a problem ,why because managers are always about ,I spoke with several workers who say that even they are confused and tired of fielding complaints from customers ,yes some of the food is fine ,but with 1100 rooms and the potential of almost the population of POR with its 2000 rooms it leaves alot to be desired,again flatbread pizza,instead of real pizza ,oh by the way you can get pizza delivered to the room why and where does it come from ,hamburgers ,fries ,nachos ,ice cream soft or hard,and on that last day sitting there waiting for my food they gave me a buzzer to tell me when it was ready,I didn’t know it wasn’t working until another customer told me it wasn’t working ,so I went up to the counter and there were several orders maybe 6 waiting to be picked up with a worker saying the numbers out ,so softly that no one could here her…I don’t want to belabor the subject but I was encouraged to complain ti disney directly because everyone was frustrated by the situation…so it wasn’t just me …I spent my previous 35 trips at POR and never heard anyone complain about the POR food court except that it was so busy,this one is self fulfilling because it is so quiet


I do agree that the food court situation at SSR is not ideal - but you’ll find this at most DVC properties (actually, SSR has one of the better ones), the reason being that a lot of DVC members eat breakfast, especially, in their suites. At Boardwalk Villas there is NO counterservice at all - you have to use the restaurants and Bakery on the Boardwalk. At OKW the only “fast food” is Good’s to Go on the Pier and I don’t think it’s even open for breakfast.

The Turf Club at SSR has a terrific hamburger. I’m sure you could probably order it to go and pick it up at the restaurant.


I hope I didn’t sound combative as that was not my intent. I was genuinely surprised to read - not just your complaints - but several. Personally I can not compare it to POR, so I judge SSR on it’s own merits (or lack there of, if you will). Is cool.


I guess this is why WDW has so many different resort choices - because everyone is different.

We became DVC members for the “condo-living”. I’d far rather have the convenience and comfort of a suite with full kitchen, living room, bedroom and laundry facilities, than spend my vacation in a hotel room - guess it’s not saying much about my family - but we’d probably kill each other if we had to be in the same room for a week.:laugh:


We stayed at SSR (which is out home resort) for the first time in Dec 07 and I have to say, DH and I were not happy with the food court at all, especially for breakfast. I understand that some DVC’rs eat in their rooms but it’s just DH & I and when I am on vacation I don’t want to cook ANYTHING. We went to get a “quick” breakfast several times at the food court and the line to order was all the way to the outside door. Needless to say, we moved on and walked to DTD and discovered Wolfgang Puck’s Express for breakfast and loved it. It was sort of a blessing in disquise, however, it was inconvenient and it would have been nice to just grab something quickly and hop on a bus to a park.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
I don’t think he likes beer or brats or the accordion.

I like POR’s foodcourt if there is such a thing as liking a foodcourt. But that’s another story all together.


I like the beds so you can get a good nights sleep and get up in the morning and go down to the food court and be refreshed enough to handle the crowd of people in the food court!


yes - it is horse meat.


:ohmy: It is NOT!:laugh:


As you can tell by my resort list below, I am trying to stay at every “deluxe” resort that Disney offers. Okay, I stayed at Caribbean once, but, that was a quick, last minute getaway for only 2 nights. I really do like staying in those rooms and eating at sit down meals for every meal. The food court definitely does not play into my choice of hotels. SSR came up as one of the deluxe resorts that is having a special rate for us AP holders. After looking at all of the pictures and seeing where the location is and reminding myself that it is basically just a place to sleep, I still couldn’t bring myself to making a reservation there. It just doesn’t say Disney to me. BW, BC, YC, (Swan and Dolphin to a lesser degree) all have that closeness to Epcot and the Boardwalk. Contemporary, Poly and GF have the view of the MK. AK has the Savannah. The WL has that great pool and lobby that just fill you with Disney. Okay, so, there is a view of DTD. Guess what, so does the Hilton, and they have towers to see it from and are closer. That’s why I chose the Hilton.


I just got off the phone with corporate and they say they are aware of peoples concerns and are trying to adress it ,they might have some urgency as they still rent the vacation resortts and they have to adjust to renters needs as much as DVC desires ,heres hoping they figure something out soon ,BUT I repeat they know they have a problem and are trying to adress it…only time will tell…also just got done purchasing 50 aditional vacation points…