Ssr food court


Im starting to worry about the SSR food court situation now as we will be staying there for 2 weeks in August. I suppose its a good job were on the dining plan this time around!


if you haven’t stayed there before you will find it adequate ,but lacking in some things so don’t feel to bad,also depending on the room selection you can adjust with some in the room stuff…in my case it was what I was used to at POR and being new vacation club members and hjaving some familiarity with old key west I was disappointed that SSR was not at least on the same par as old key west,so it was my fault for not having researched it out ,but that being said disney needs to adress this issue for future stays


tonyks,I stayed once at the hilton for part of my trip,we were their for a conference …it was nice but I felt like I was a fish out of water getting to the parks,unless you have a car is not as easy and the being so near but so far away was not easy,we spent the last 7 days at POR