SSR - Please tell me all about the resort


We’re staying at SSR in July and I know nothing of this resort. From what all have mentioned in my other thread, sounds like a really nice resort but large. We are use to large resorts as we have stayed at CBR several times. I requested Grandstand location, builing 8501-8836. Also, if bus transportation is not good, we will have our vehicle and AAA diamond parking pass.

How is Artist Palette for counter breakfasts?

Are the rides far to the parks?

We are renting DVC points for a 2 bedroom villa.

Oh, did I mention we will be going in mid July, 7/14-7/23/11? Being Spring has been so cool up here, I am hoping the heat will hold out a little longer. Am I hoping too much ha ha ha?!


Also, if bus transportation is not good, we will have our vehicle and AAA diamond parking pass. We have always found the buses to be very convenient.

How is Artist Palette for counter breakfasts? Not bad at all. Average Disney fare.

Are the rides far to the parks? It varies from park to park. To MK - 22 min; EP 27;
HS 24; AK 28.
We are renting DVC points for a 2 bedroom villa.

Oh, did I mention we will be going in mid July, 7/14-7/23/11? Being Spring has been so cool up here, I am hoping the heat will hold out a little longer. Am I hoping too much ha ha ha?!


SSR is my home resort, and it’s the resort we use the most. IMO it is more laid back than some of the other resorts. I usually request either the Grandstand or the Springs. The complex is big so we usually get a car. We did stay once without a car and it seeemed like we waited forever for bus service. But it just could have been me. Although the complex is very big, I feel it very calming and relaxing due to the water and the golf course. We usually go off season so I have never stayed there in July, so I’m not sure how that affects the noise level of the resort. I do like the fact, that you can hop on a boat and get to DTD.

Although this resort isn’t in the hub of everything it isn’t really as far away from the theme parks as it appears. It’s really only down the road from Port Orleans.

We’ve eaten at Artist Point for breakfst on the last day of our trip. The breakfast was good just your tipical scrambled eggs or french toast kind of selection that they have at most CS in the park. Artist point does have souveniers, and food items, wine and snacks for you to either have there or take back to your room. The other restaurant the have is the Turf Club, we’ve eaten there both lunch and dinner.

I hope I answered your questions, if I can be of anymore help , please let me know. Have a great vacation and can’t wait to read you trip report when you get back!


SSR is one of our home resorts and it’s a lovely place. Yes, it is big, but I don’t think the bus transportation is any worse than anywhere else. No one can guarantee the bus service anywhere. It’s the luck of the draw. Personally, we have used our car the last several years for every park except Magic Kingdom. I think it saves at least a hour a day in transportation.

Grandstand is a terrific location (they have a great quiet pool and it’s very close to the lobby and main pool) (do not let them talk you into Carousel). I’m not a huge fan of Artist’s Palette - the set-up is sort of wacky and the place is always chaotic and crowded. I think you’re better to have a quick breakfast in the suite. However, I highly recommend The Turf Club for dinner - it’s a terrific restaurant and the food is excellent.

I know a lot of people like to be in the midst of the Disney action 24/7 - but we love to have a break from the craziness of the parks at the end of the day and SSR is an ideal resort for this.


We stayed in a 2 bedroom at SSR on rented points Thanksgiving week 2008. We were in the Grandstand section as my MBer I rented from suggested that section. We LOVED being in that section!! Unless it has changed in the past 2 1/2 years you will be the first pick up and drop off on the bus loop. The quite pool near by has an AWESOME water play area for the kids. It is a short walk to Artist Point and the main pool but we didn’t find it to be any longer than our walks at CBR. We would definetly stay there again and having the washer/dryer right there in the room was another great bonus! That experience SPOILED us and we are renting points for the the third time this year.


How is Artist Palette for counter breakfasts?

I LOVED their breakfast pizza! My dd also enjoyed their breakfast selections. She stuck mainly to the sandwich they offered, but that’s what she always gets.

Are the rides far to the parks?

Nope. That resort is close to all parks, but the magic kingdom. I always stay in that area (OKW, SSR or POFQ) and think the location is ideal for the other three parks, water parks and DTD access is PERFECTO! As for the size of the resort, it is big. That being said, it’s laid out well. I think the car will come in handy if you are seriously far away, but don’t think it necessary. I did not have a car when I stayed there and thought the bus transportation was awesome. I never found myself dreading the walk to the main area or wishing I had a car for faster park access.


Keep the reviews coming!!! I am getting more and more excited.

I am so looking forward to having the washer and dryer in the suite. What??? Excited about a W/D on vacation. Now I won’t have to waste an hour or two in the laudromat.

We also agree about using a car vs. the bus transportation that you save a good amount of time in your day/trip. It is so worth it. We’ll have to see how crowded it is and make our decision then.

The relaxed feel of the resort sounds so inviting. This may be just what we may enjoy the most.

I requested Grandstand over Springs due to the quiet pool. The boys, or should I say big guys, always enjoy the quiet pool over the main pool. Less crowded.

I am hoping to try the Turf Club, although all our ADR’s are already made for other places so I have no Table credits remaining. We could do out of pocket, we will see.

Thanks again all!!


This is our home resort. So far, it is DW’s favorite.

I’m not sure, so I’ll have to keep trying others.


Having a washer/dryer is SO great. First off - you can pack half of what you usually take. When I get there I give firm instructions. I use the washer itself as a hamper for darks and the lights go into the laundry basket. Everyone must toss their dirty clothes there or FACE MY WRATH!:angry: Then it’s just so easy to start a wash on your way out in the morning. You’re going to love it!


It’s going to be in the 90’s next week so I don’t know about that. July is when the heat is in full effect… But it is also the time of year that it tends to rain most days (only for an hour or so in the afternoon). Sometimes the rain cools everything off, sometimes the rain turns everything into a steam bath. Make sure to bring the ponchos and “pocket umbrellas”!


That is exactly what I was thinking and planning on putting a load in in the morn and throw it in the dryer or hang them when we return. Thinking the packing will be much lighter:cool:


I already had them on my “Must Buy” list. Better to have them than not:laugh:


That’s exactly as we do it. Or at least how the boss (read as Pam) instructs us to do. :laugh:
We can pack in one large suitcase and out the door we go to WDW. It is so nice. We even through the towels in to fluff them every other day. And not going home with tons of dirty clothes is nice.