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I looked through and didn’t see this question, so I am starting a thread. My DD wants to know if the pull out sofas are comfortable? This is a bit of a concern for us. Are there studios with two beds?? Disney or not, 5 nights sleeping on something uncomfortable stinks. Does it feel like a sofa bed with that horrible bar stabbing you in the back all night and no real comfort?? I would like to hear from adults who have slept on it. Little kids sleeping on it don’t count…those buggers can sleep on anything.:laugh:


There are no studios with 2 beds at SSR.

I’ve slept on the pull out at SSR and thought it was the most comfortable pull out I’ve ever seen. It was a thick foam like a mattress with no metal bars to worry about. Tell Sara hat I give it 2 thumbs up.


Dana, I’ve been in this spot twice now. Daniel’s family will often ‘stop over’ and spend the night with us in WDW. On two occassions Daniel has had to use the pull-out & the first time it was SO comfortable. Like DT said, it was a THICK matress on a platform that pulls out of the couch, no bars. BUT, the second time, we we’re in a room in the Springs building closest to the bus stop & it was a WHOLE different pull-out. The thickness of the matress I would liken to a Kindergarten nap mat & it was TERRIBLE. So much so that Daniel’s sister went & stayed with her parents at AKL instead of with us 'cause nobody would sleep on that thing. I don’t know if this one time was a fluke or if there are two different pull-outs that occupy different rooms in SSR. To be honest, I would get your room assignment & if you end up with one of the crappy ones don’t hesitate to contact the front desk or management. One of the great things about SSR is the CMs are ALWAYS very helpful.

I hope you get one of the thick comfortable ones. :smile:


We were at SSR in December for 6 nites and my kids said the sofa pullout was extremely comfy! Hope that helps!


On our last trip the past December, I had to sleep with DD for three nights on the pull out because my husband came down with the flu and I thought it best if he slept by himself. I was dreading it. Give up my king size bed for the pull out. We rented a one bedroom and stayed in the Springs. I actually was surprised because it wasn’t that bad. Sharing it with Shannon was a concern because she’s a restless sleeper but even with her tossing and turning it didn’t bother me. I have a pull out in our guest bedroom at home which I paid alot of money for and think that the one at SSR is much, much more comfortable.


That’s funny, that’s the same reason I ended up on the pull out with my son. :laugh:


It was such sucky trip I still can’t bring myself to do a TR.:crying:
I’m so sorry you had a similar expierience.


[QUOTE=mickeyspal;929713]It was such sucky trip I still can’t bring myself to do a TR.:crying:
I’m so sorry you had a similar expierience.[/QUOTE]

I know the feeling. We were lucky that we had a 9 day trip and had already had several fun days before he got sick. He ended up in the room for one whole day but he still wasn’t back to wanting to eat until it was time to go home. It wasn’t our best trip…


Doesn’t OKW studios have 2 queens?


You’re right, I forgot about those.

Off to edit my post, thanks!


I’ve been wondering this too as I will be sleeping on the pull out at SSR when I go with my parents in March. The last time I slept on a pull out sofa in a hotel was at the Embassy Suites near Disneyland and it was like sleeping on a torture rack. Ugh. Good to hear that SSR has at least some comfy pull out sofas!


We were at WDW in Oct. at SSR and my adult DD slept on the pull out sofa and said she loved it! Don’t worry Dana, they are very comfortable.


My kids are the same age as your DD and they slept on the pull out at SSR (studio) a couple of years ago and said it was comfy. It was one of the thick, nice pullouts…I had never seen one before and thought it was pretty cool. We had taken blow up mattresses in case the bed was uncomfortable or they didn’t want to sleep together, but we didn’t use them at all that trip.


Oh, by the way Dana, have a Magical vacation!


Ours was ok, better for smaller folks. It was different as the whole sofa front moved foward.


The pull out at SSR wasn’t that bad, it was comfortable for as far as pullouts go.

The pullout at AKV was so horrible we had to make a makeshift matress on top of it using the couch cushions and many extra pillows we got from housekeeping. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.


Dana, DS slept on the couch at SSR and he said it was really comfy! No worries! :happy:


Thanks all!! Just read this to DD and she is now not so worried about it…I may steal it from her if it’s THAT comfy!