SSR wait-listed


Well, after having to cancel our trip and totally turning my world upside down, I have convinced DH to commit to alternate dates… Yay! However, there is one night in middle of our stay that is not available. Sunday October 7/2012 is currently on a waiting list for us. I really hope this comes through. I was very disheartened at the prospect of not getting there at all.

Maybe things will work out even better and I will get my REAL first choice of AK instead of SSR which I also have on a waiting list.:biggrin:


Yay!!! Hope all works out for you.


Thanks, I have my fingers crossed and asking for pixie dust sent my way please!


I hope it comes through for you. You can also continue to check the DVC website and see if your date shows up there. The waitlist system isn’t always perfect and dates sometimes show up available even though you have a room waitlisted.


Good to know. I will be dilligent in checking myself every day. Thanks for the tip.


More good news! DH said that even if the waitlist doesn’t come through, we are still going and will just pay for the one night. I am going call in the next couple of days to book the room as “cash purchase” to be sure we have it reserved. I was told that as long as we cancel more than 5 days before arrival, there’s no penalty.


Yaaaaaa. So glad to hear you’re going. Sending lots of pixie dust your way.


Thanks so much, I am so excited.


I don’t blame you for being excited. It’s always great when a Disney vacation is in the works.


Yep, I am happiest when I’m planning a WDW trip.