Our guide had told us that when you stay in a studio that the laundry facilities are free for members. Is this true?


YES! Studios do not have them in the room, but they are available, and free.


Hooray! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear! That means we won’t have to pack as much!! Thanks!!


Bring your own detergent, fabric softener. You can purchase it there, but often times the change machines are down, etc. It is just easier to bring it from home.


Thanks for the tip!! I’m going to write that down so I don’t forget!


I collect free soap sample through the year so I don’t have to pack a whole bottle. For my family of 3 I can usually get by with 2 loads in the middle of our trip so hate to bring a whole bottle with us. I check sites like Tide every so often to see what they are offering.


That’s a good idea. I usually just take a plastic container with some from home, then use dryer sheets instead of liquid.


That’s a really good idea!!! Sam’s sometimes even has the sample packs of Tide too!


Those are the ones I collect. I stick all of them in a ZipLock bag in my laundry room and when I pack I throw some in. It’s quick and easy.


That’s a great idea! I’m going to check the sites. Last time I just bought a huge box and left it with Emily. Actually, I guess I could borrow some back from her…:blink:


m made up we get the free wahser/dryer in our room at SSR, it means I can pack less clothes which leaves more room in my suitcase for all my Disney goodies :smiley: