SSSHH! I'm Writing My Trip Report


When we last encountered llama, she was somewhere outside of St. Louis…

SO - I shall pick up from there with a little recap for those who don’t know the story behind this trip to WDW.

On Feb. 5 my younger dd Emily started her job at the Canadian Pavillion at Epcot for a year. Feeling she “absolutely had to have her car”, we arranged to have her fly down with just 2 weeks worth of stuff and for dh (Neil) and I to drive her car down…and now our story continues.

So - our second night on the road was spent in Mount Vernon, Illinois (thank you DT for confirming which state I was in). Our third full day on the road was much like the other two - except we didn’t have to deal with snow. By noon we crossed the border into Georgia which is always good, because it means the last leg of the trip, but is also annoying cause you have to change to Eastern Time and lose a whole darn hour.:glare: We actually stopped to eat in Dalton, Georgia. (“Stopping” to eat is totally foreign to Neil, whilst on roadtrips - usually the most I can hope for is that he doesn’t drive away while I’m still using a washroom off the interstate.:glare: )

Waffle Houses - now Waffle Houses tell me I’m in the States. (well, a few other things tell me too - where else but in the States do you find three billboards in a row,(1) inviting you to the 8 churches of the town -are you suppose to visit all 8 or just choose:confused: (2)telling you where to turn for THE GREATEST SELECTION OF FIREWORKS IN THE STATE and (3) “Be sure not to miss “Miss Monica’s Love Connection Adult Toys” (Couples Welcome)”. You’ve just got to love it. Waffle Houses tell me I’m in the southern States, especially when our entry is greeted with a cherry - “Hi y’all, how y’all doin’?” I love it. And I also love Waffle House Pecan Waffles and warm syrup. And their bacon is so crispy. Waffle House makes me very happy.:happy: So y’all was doin’ just fine when y’all left.:happy:

I’m sure Atlanta is a vital, exciting, beautiful city. However, all I ever get to see of Atlanta is the insane, six-lane, maniac-drivered freeway heading into Atlanta (of course making it worse is the insane, six-lane, maniac-drivered freeway SKIRTING Atlanta, totalling confusing you, which you have to find whilst travelling approximately 100 miles an hour (ok - that’s 100 kils an hour, but you get my drift). Sorry to all Atlanta dwellers - but you people are NUTS! For heaven’s sake - don’t give my husband SIX lanes - because he’ll change them - constantly - BECAUSE HE CAN. Which resulted in my actually getting car sick for the first time in my life since I was maybe six. By the time we were comin’ up to Jonesboro - thank you Georgia for completely destroying my vision of Jonesboro (a la Gone With the Wind):glare: In fact, I’ve had this bone to pick with Georgia for a while…my entire idea of the South is based on Gone With the Wind, but not an Ashley or a Twelve Oaks to be seen - (much like my vision of “The Shore” has been cruelly dashed by Dana - somewhat restored by Wish - but I digress…) I popped a couple of Gravol (Cdn. Dramamine) and promptly fell asleep - which was good - because I didn’t wake up until we crossed the border into Florida. Ahh, Florida. I love Florida. Florida fulfills all my dreams. Almost instantly, there they are, offering you fresh squeezed orange juice at the Welcome Center, almost instantly my poor dried, chapped hands and dried out lips no longer need cream nor chapstick. When you open the door you are carressed by warm, soft breezes…(ok, so the breezes weren’t so warm or soft this time) we were still in Florida.

I don’t know why my affinity for Florida - it puzzles me sometimes - yet so much does - puzzle me, that is. I just fell in love with it the first time my feet touched it ground. And I’ve never changed that feeling. Half my life is spent trying to figure out how the heck I can move to Florida, short of winning a lottery. Just for the winter, you understand…

Anyway - we still had quite a drive ahead of us, and we finally reached Orlando (well, not Orlando, per se, but WDW by about 9 that evening.).

Purple and Red

Now one would think that purple and red should definitely NOT go together. I’m sure in kindergarten, gentle teachers guided our grubby little fingers over to the pink or white to match the purple…certainly NOT RED!

Ahh, but every good Mousebuzzer knows that Purple and Red DO go together - that Purple and Red can cause total euphoria to one, when that Purple and Red is YOUR FIRST DISNEY SIGN.

With tears just about welling in my eyes, I was gathered into the Mouse’s Gentle Bosom - almost hearing him whisper “Welcome Home”. Neil on the other hand says he never feels the gentle arms of the Mouse, but he does feel a large white glove gently lifting his charge card out of his wallet.:glare:

Alas, I am married to a Philistine…

(to be continued)


Are you sure we are not married to the exact same person??? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Great Start! I am already laughing. I can’t wait to hear the rest.



Hey Llama, ya got the billboards backwards. FIRST the naughty ones, THEN the fireworks, THEN ya gotta go to church! :laugh:


Love it so far. Keep it coming.


:glare: :glare: I think there’s a Club for them somewhere.


:laugh: You’re right. I just love reading them.:laugh:


More coming up.


Thank you!:happy:


Oh, I do, too!

My favorite billboard on 75 is “Jesus is Lord at Sheffield’s” because DH always adds “and Night Manager”, which never fails to crack me up.


Heehee:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Loving your TR…can’t wait for more!:happy:


LOL! Last trip DD couldn’t read…this trip I’m sure she’ll be asking LOTS of questions :eek:

Great TR so far!! Can’t wait to read more!


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I have never heard it put quite that way before…


:laugh: :laugh: I love it already!:laugh: :laugh:


GREAT START! :happy: :heart: :wub: loving it! More please:happy:


So, I have been pondering the best way to go about this Report.

If I was like Disney Teacher I would have made meticulous notes to which to refer - alas, I’m not like DT…:huh:

If I were like Wish and R2G I’d have an amazing portfolio of pictures to present to y’all - sorry…:crying:

If I were Doughnutty and The Bear I’d spend my vacation on Splash Mountain - so it would be EASY…

If I was like Dana - well, heck, NOBODY’S like Dana…:laugh:

So, I have decided instead to do this in sections: Resorts, Dining, Parks, Misc., Pictures - YES, I HAVE PICTURES. This might confuse you more, but it’ll probably confuse me less, cause I honestly CANNOT remember minute by minute for 12 days.

So - I present:


Our first week (or part of it) was to be at SSR. I know some people are a little leary of SSR. All you ever hear of is it’s VASTNESS - but once you get to know SSR you come to love it.

We arrived at 9 p.m., on the Sunday of President’s Day Weekend, so I knew my chances of getting my favourite section - Congress Park - was basically - nil. Guess what? I WAS RIGHT! We were greeted by a very nice young CM from London, England who promptly placed us in The Grandstand. There was no point begging - I’d gone through this before - and I was too tired to argue and HUNGRY. So we took our welcome package and headed for The Artist’s Palette for a bite to eat. I had a chicken dinner, which was fine. I was too tired to really worry about food. We made our way over to The Grandstand. After calling Emily to let her know we had arrived, we went to bed.

The next morning I had a chance to take stock of my surroundings. And I was very pleasantly surprised. Outside our window was part of the golf course, with The Treehouses - those elusive Treehouses:ohmy: - in the background along the river. And a nice fountain. It was so private - I’m sure you could have suntanned naked on the balcony (not that that OCCURRED to me:closedeye ) without anyone seeing. I still grumbled a bit, while getting ready to go down to the Artist’s Palette for some breakfast, that it was too far to walk to the Lobby. Sit down everyone, grab on to something to hold - LLAMA WAS WRONG!:eek: After getting our bearings we ascertained that we were only a nice little walk past the quiet pool and over a little bridge to the Lobby! And on the way I noticed how closely the bus stop was situated to all the buildings in the area. Very nice.:happy: As the days continued at SSR, I came to like this area more and more. I think if I had really small kids I’d ask for this section. They have a little park for kids to play in, bbqs (several families had bbqs while we were there - what a neat thing to do!) And the quiet pool was bright and cheery and fun. They even had a horseshoe pitch. Yet it was only 5 minutes to the Lobby and main pool. So - if you’re assigned The Grandstand don’t get that sinking feeling that you get when you’re plopped in The Carousel.

So, I was very happy in The Grandstand and Neil was happy because he could keep reminding me of how I grumbled when we first checked in.

We had a one bedroom suite at SSR and it was very comfortable - however, I still worry about the architect who designed this and most the other DVC properties. The poor man/woman suffers from a terrible affixiation to doors! Doors, doors, everywhere you turn - doors! You think you’re going in the bedroom - nope you’re in the shower, you think you’re headed for the toilette - nope, bathtub - bathtub, sorry closet. I spend at least 3 hours of valuable Disney time opening and closing doors at DVC properties - oy!:wacko:

When SSR first opened there was no sit-down restaurant. One has since been added - The Turf Club - in a "clubby-house"feeling, with comfy arm chairs and billiards - it’s very nice and we ate there. I will give you a report of the food in the dining section. Artist’s Palette is pretty good for counterservice, but at busy times, it can be a long wait for the one cash register. They really need a couple more stations.

The grounds of SSR are beautiful, especially along the River.

All and all a very nice resort.:happy:

Our next week was spent at OKW - and I won’t even deny it - I am totally biased about OKW - until I open the door to my OKW suite I don’t feel really “home”. I LOVE OKW - I could happily settled in there for the rest of my life (I’ve pondered doing this - if I kept switching suites - would they ever find me?) - nevermind, I know the answer.:glare:

At OKW we had a 2 bedroom, as DD1 was joining us and frankly, after 8 years in the DVC - we’re spoiled brats who like to stretch out. :blush:

To a lot of people OKW is a bit mysterious. “There it is” you hear them whisper, “that was the first DVC property…”

OKW is a little village to itself. It has a little village store and restaurant and people ride bikes around the sidewalks and it’s just sleepy, and fun and homey. We absolutely love it. The colours are creamy and dreamy and aqua and peach. So restful. The main pool has a neat “SandCastle” slide into the pool and the pool is huge. The weather was a bit cool for pools this trip - but this pool is great.

It’s so wonderful when you get yourself a “pro” CM - and Margaret was a “pro” - she had been working there for at least 5 years. We decided to check into OKW early on the morning when we left SSR, stashing our perishables with Bell Services - these guys are so totally laid back, they might just burst out into a chorus of “If you Like Pina Coladas” at any second.

Anyway - we were the only ones checking in and I asked Margaret which “good” buildings were available - nudge, nudge, wink, wink… She was good-natured about it. First I chose Miller’s Road, couldn’t get the coveted Building 62 (the BEST) but got Building 19 - also very good. But WAIT! Then I remembered I had always wanted to stay in Building 45 right on Sassagoula River - you could watch the ferries go by - any chance of changing that…YES.:happy: Any chance of a first floor suite? …YES:happy: So there we were in Building 45 - suite 4512. Even Neil commented on how beautiful it was to be able to walk out on to the patio (and the patios and balconies at OKW are like another room - with a dining table and chairs - three times the size of the other DVC properties) with the river right there. (I was hoping for a visit from an alligator - but alas - we did have a very nice Mallard Duck couple, but she was SO NOISY. Neil said it reminded him of someone - hmmmm:glare:

For those DVC members who haven’t stayed at OKW, you have to realize that the suites are completely different than the properties in DVC. They are HUGE! Huge kitchen, huge living room/dining room, walk-in laundry room. Gigantic bedrooms, walk-in closet, huge bathrooms. Everything is BIG! And we love it. I unpack and we stretch out and we’re home. :happy:

We had a happy week at OKW.:happy:

We didn’t eat at Olivia’s this time - but for great comfort food, it’s a terrific restaurant and if you have the time - find our picture on the wall - so far I haven’t been able to find it.:laugh:

So - we are happy campers (a la DVC). Just one request Disney - ENOUGH WITH THE BEST KEPT SECRET! We all KNOW the BEST KEPT SECRET. I’m sure half of the Western World knows the BEST KEPT SECRET.:pinch: Newsflash WDW - it’s not a secret anymore.:glare:


Great so far; can’t wait to read more!


Llamster! I was waiting for your TR to start. Glad it did! Can’t wait to read more.


Great trip report so far


enjoyed every word so far!! looking forward to MORE! :C)