St Jude Charm


Yep there’s a new Kelloggs UPC send in item.
It’s not Disney sadly, but still cute. :wub:
2 UPC’s and an order form plus a minimum of 5 dollar donation for St Jude.
The charm is lobster claw and rather cute.
For more infor you can look it up on Kelloggs website.

I got mine out of Target, Frosted Mini Wheats.
They’re having a 4 for 9 dollars sale this week.


Lobster claw? What is the connection there? I LOVE cute little lobsters but that seems kinda random?!? :happy:


No no, thats the type of charm it is.
A lobster claw is the kind you yourself can hook onto the bracelet, others include, italian… which you slide on, pandora… which is similar to a bead and most sterling silver charms must be put on by a jeweler.
The charm itself is a yellow looking disc.


That’s neat and it’s going out to a good cause which is nice to know.


that’s very good!


Reported this thread. Zombie and advertising.


thanks Dixie