St. Maarten and St. Thomas Excursions


Thinking of taking the Disney Fantasy early June 2012 to a eastern carribean itinerary.

Anyone had cruise excursions to St. Maarten and/or St. Thomas they really enjoyed or would recommend?

DS will be 13 and DD will be 10 at the time of cruise. We never have toured these two stops and would like any recommendations you may have.


I was talking with someone who lived in St Thomas last week. He highly recommends snorkel at St Johns which is one of the options at St Thomas. It’s a preserve so there are more fish and much less crowded.

Goes along with what I read in Passporter, and it’s one we are looking at for Oct.


When we went at St. Marrten we went on the tour to the french side of the island and had a ball at the beach, the ribs were so good. But remember that the beach is clothing optinal, then we came back and did some shopping downtown plus some slots. Don’t waste your time on them they are rigged against you. At St. Thomas we took the tour of St. Johns that was fun. You could go snokeling at Cimminon Bay or take a sailing trip, or go shopping. Just remember that St. Thomas has a crime problem. So I suggest going shopping just off the boat, there are plenty of shop to go to there. Jewerly at St. Thomas and lace tableclothes and dollies on the Dutch side of St. Marrteen.


St. Thomas is definitely one of the more “Americanized” islands - you can get really good buys on jewellery, but I would agree that the excursion to St. John is your best option. Absolutely beautiful, unspoiled and great for snorkeling.

St. Maarten is charming, but not really much to see or do. Unless they’ve changed the policy, it’s one of the islands where you are absolutely harrassed from the moment you step off the ship, with people trying to sell you everything from jewellery to hair braiding. We’ve been many Caribbean Islands and it’s definitely one of the worst for this. St. Martin, the French side, is more sophisticated and has some great restaurants and beaches - but remember that they are “bikini tops optional”.


Got my St Maaten trip. :angel:


Thanks for the information. Keep it coming.

Also, can either at St. Maarten or St. Johns a beach be accessed from the cruise terminal dock? We may want do a 2 to 3 hour excursion and hit a nearby beach but I dont know if this is possible. I know in Cozumel we can take a taxi to a beach area.

Dont know if the situation will be similar or are beaches closer by? Please let me know.