Stacey Darling's "Thats Just The Way We Roll" TR!


So, I just got back from WDW on Wednesday, and I can’t wait to tell you all about my WONDEFULLY magical 10 day Disney stay! But right now I have to run to work, so I will be doing quite a lot of writing tonight for everyone on MB! I can’t wait to share my vacation with you all!!!

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LOL, love the title! :laugh: Can’t wait to hear your details.


ooooooh, I am anxiously awaiting your report. Hurry back


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Can’t wait! I hope it was a great one!


Hooray, another TR! :biggrin: I don’t know how I’m possibly going to keep up with them all in the next few days…but I’m happy to try! Hehehe :laugh:

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Welcome back!! I can’t wait to read all about it!!!


I was just thinking about you . . . feels like you’ve been gone FOREVER! (I keep track so I know when TRs are coming! :redface:) 10 exciting days, can’t wait to read all about it!! :mickey:


Pre-Disney Day (the trip down!)
August 23rd, 2008!

Myself (16)
My best friend Amanda (17)
My parents (48 and 51)
My brother Jeff and his wife Jen Mac (both 26)
Their children and my nieces Riley, Maddie, and Charlie (4,2, and 4months)
My sister Jenn and her Husband Nick. (25 and 22)
Jenn and Nick’s son and my nephew Baby Nick (7months)
Nick’s sister Sammi (18)
And my 2nd brother Scott (19)

So, we left my house near Philadelphia, Pa on August 23… ALL 14 of us! (I know!) We are used to having atleast 10 people, but I didn’t realize how four more people could make a trip SO much more chaotic, especially when two of them are infants! Anyhows, considering how many people we had, and instead of wasting the gas money on two cars, and for the comfort of everyone on the 16-24 hour drive (depending if you stop and rest) we decided to try out an RV! It was really fun, and sooo comfortable. It sort of gave me a headache, so I took so dramamine, chalking it up to motion sickness (which I NEVER get) and slept for most of the southern states! Thank gosh! They are always the longest ones! :pinch:


Day #1:
August 24rd, 2008!

So FINALLY! We’re here! We see the sign sneak up on us around 1 I believe, and then we headed over to our resort! All-Star Movies, it was alright, it was cute, but still, POP is WAYYYY better. ASMo has a bad bus system, too few pools, and is alittttle outdated. But other then that it was still very nice. But next year we will definitley be returning to all our favorite, POP! When we left Riley, my oldest nice actually said, “Mom mom, next year, lets stay at the Lady and the Tramp hotel!” haha, which was so funny. Because we stayed in the 50’s at POP, which is L&T. But at ASMo we got Toy Story, which was one of my hopeful chances, next to 101 Dalamatians and Fantasia.

At the front check in my parents and everyone got their pins. My parents for their 30th anniversary! My brother Scott, My nieces Maddie and Riley, and myself for birthdays! And my brother in law Nick’s sister Sammi, my nephew Nick, and my niece Charlie got their first visit pins! ^.^ Phew, that was alot!

So after checking in, settling down, and freshing up we headed over to Magic Kingdom, naturally! It was sooo nice to go through those turnstils and under the bridge and see that castle for the first time! :] We wandered around Main Street for a little while, and I bought the best part of my vacation, FINALLY, my own personalized Peter Pan hat!! :peterpan: Then we rode some rides in Tomorrowland because we got there late, around 7pm, my niece Riley was finally tall enough (JUST tall enough :happy:) to ride the 40’’ rides! So that was exciting.

Then we headed to our first dinner of the trip, Tony’s Town Square! One of my favorites. It was a little scary at first because they were going to seat us apart, and we had a surprise anniversary cake that I planned for my parents, so we were all getting upset, and my mom wouldn’t like not sitting with everyone, and it looked like they weren’t going to do anything about it, but finally, they fixed the problem, because on the phone when I made the reservation they told we would be sitting TOGETHER! So, anyways, crisis adverted, and it was a very good meal. And my parents were so surprised at the cake, they even cried at the inscription I had them write on the cake “Jeff and Maureen 30 Years of Magic!” I was so glad to see that they loved it as much as I hoped. They even gave them bride and groom Mickey and Minnie hats! It was a great way to kick off the vacation :smiley:

After dinner, we rode some Fantasyland rides, and the Haunted Mansion, the MK was open til 1am, so we utilized all the time we could, but we didn’t get any Adventureland or Frontierland rides done. But the kids did meet some characters! Chip and Dale (mine and my mommy’s favorite original characters!) and Donald Duck! Madison my niece loveddd Chip and Dale, and baby Nick loved Donald. Riley is a little more shy, but loved meeting them both as well. After that, we rode back to the resort and PASSED out! :laugh:


Wow Stacey! Your only one day into your trip and you look like you are having so much fun already. I love the anniversary cake you got for your parents. The inscription was perfect! Your nieces and nephew are so cute. I love the girls’ curly hair. Adorable!

Did your RV fit everyone comfortably to sleep?


I love this picture. Your niece is so cute with her little pose! :wub:


Did you have the free dining? Great pictures.


Oh, those babies are adorable! So cute!

Great report!


Great pics so far. love it the TR


Great trip report so far! Can’t wait to hear more!


Great start to your TR.
I agree, your nieces are adorable!


Love all your pics! I especially love the pool at ASM, looks like you all had such a good time. Can’t wait for the rest…:goofybounce:


Lovin all the pics!! Your neices and nephews are SOOOOO cute!! Looks like a great start to a great trip!
Can’t wait to see/read more!


Congrats to your mom and dad! Sounds like you had a great start to your trip and you took some nice pics. Keep em comin.