Stacey Darling's WDW Adventures!


[B]It’s almost time for applications!!![/B]

I have completely been neglecting the internet over the past month or so, so I vowed starting today to be better at not procrastinating my online duties! :laugh:

I’m very excited! I’ve missed you all! Applications are coming up in just about 2-3 weeks so wish me luck on that process… again! I think I’m more nervous than the first time… :blush:

I just caught up my my tumblr (blog). It has all the details! Please check it out and let me know what you think!!!

My Adventure’s On WDWCP!

(I might drop the name to just wdwadventures, since I plan to have this expand over more than just the CP.) IDK!

and also here’s my formspring, great for questions and curiosity! No account needed to ask or read! :]

Stacey (StaceyWDWCP) | Formspring



Oh good luck dear Stacey on your application I am sure you will do absolutely fine- you are just what Disney needs!
I love the Q and A page(Formspring) and I adore the blog too, even if it has been neglected for a while! Keep up the great work, and keep us up to date with the applications please xx


GOOD LUCK!!! You’ll do great. :heart:
Can’t wait to follow along!


Karen— Thank you sooo much! I’m glad it’s being enjoyed, truly! And thats so sweet of you to say, I hope Disney agrees again! haha. And I’m excited to start things back up with the blog! By doing some at home Disney Projects, maybe even a tutorial.

Jill— AW, THANKS JILL! I’m so glad the CP/CS has brought us together! You are soo awesome! And I lovelovelovee the new layout of your blogspot! A-DOR-A-BLE! :] I’m so SUPER excited to follow your blog into your PI. I’m going to learn so much! You are going to have the time of your life Jilly!