StaceyDarlings Ultimate WDWCP/DLCS Thread!


Haha, okay, so I’ve decided, anything doing with my WDWCP or DLCS I’ll just put in here, aside from specific questions, they’ll go where they belong! But any general chatting about my endeavors I’ll place here. Along with links to my blog on LJ, which I’ve already started! And my links to my Youtube account and Twitter account, which I will begin once it gets alittle closer to the exciting stuff!

So for now, here’s my livejournal blog for anyone who’s interested in it, this way I won’t take up so much room on the Forum!

My Walt Disney World College Program!

Thank you!


Stacey- your blog is brilliant! a very enjoyable read- thanks !


Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and good luck with everything you decide!


Well thanks! ^.^ I’m glad it’s not boring haha, and people want to read it!



Thank you so much!


um… there are some of us that heard of this when we were in college, but did not think much about it… Now, I am regretting my decision… So, I am living vicariously through you… Please keep up the blog. We want to know about how busy you were that day, etc… just the mundane details will keep us happy- thanks…


Haha, don’t worry! I will keep it up. Mainly because, I’ve been interested in this since 7th grade, but in about 9th-10th grade I really got into the internet-networking side of the program. It helped me learn TONS about the program, all while getting a disney fix! Through people’s youtube vlogs and livejournal blogs, it was really great. But my BIGGEST pet peeved is that as soon as they get to Disney, they STOP! And I understand, theyre really busy in the beginning, but I’m sure you can find the time. I’ve watched vlogs and read blogs that we’re kept up regularly, and thats what I plan to do! :smiley:


There will be a new blog entry posted tonight. A little more info about Anaheim and some of the college major ideas I’m having! Imagineering, here I comeee<3


Well, my new blog yesterday, became my new blog today… sorry! I picked up a babysitting shift that I wasn’t prepared for! haha. Hope everyone enjoys. Here it is:

My Walt Disney World College Program! - Gathering Information and In Preparation.