Standard room - Garden Wing...yah or nah?


I have a standard room garden wing reserved at the Contemporary. We have a AAA rate as of now. Hoping the fl resident or passholder rate will lower it when they are announced.

Just wondering, is the Garden Wing location okay or really an inconvenience ? We would prefer a room close to the monorail/food court area but it was way out of budget.


I would say to consider how much time will you spend at the Resort and have that help make your decision. If you plan to be going back and forth a lot then consider a room closer if not I don’t see a problem with what you have


I’ve never stayed in the Garden Wing but I don’t think it’s too terrible of a walk from the lobby. I understand wanting to be ‘close to everything’ though. If it were me I’d keep my reservation as is & if better discounts come out for your dates switch to a closer room category. Either way you’ll love the Contemporary!


I’ve never stayed in the Garden Wing… mainly because I think if I’m going to stay at the Contemporary, I might as well be in the main building. With other resorts, I am more lenient as to what building I stay, considering resorts like the GF and Poly are made up of multiple buildings. The Contemporary is most recognizable by the big A-frame structure, which is why I have decided that if I stay there, that’s where I’d want to stay.

I do prefer the prices of the Garden Wing, though. I have stayed in an outer building at the GF and did not find it a hassel to go to the main resort to use the monorail. The walk from the Garden Wings to the main buiilding does not look incredibly long. It’s also probably a lot quieter in the Garden Wings.


We have only been in the old North Garden Wing. Never could swing a tower room price. It was close to the bus stop and the walk to MK. The South Wing (now only wing) should be ok. I would recommend that you request a ground floor room for a patio to sit on. The upper wing rooms never had a patio when we stayed there.