Standing outside ESPN


We just checked into Beach Club and walked over to ESPN for a little lunch. We were enjoying our fruity drinks and nachos and dingers when the fire alarm went off. Now we’re standing outside. Our lunch is inside getting cold. I’m hoping we get to go back in soon and we can finish it. It’s been about 15 minutes so far and we’re still waiting.


WOW DT. Hope you got back in in a short time or that they replaced your food when you did get back in.


We had to wait maybe 20 minutes. When we got back in they replaced our food and gave it to us for free. We ordered another drink and enjoyed the afternoon. I didn’t see anyone upset either.

That whole side of the Boardwalk was evacuated on at least the lower level from ESPN down to Flying Fish. I’m not sure about the rooms above because they would probably go out the front. It was interesting to watch the procedure, the employees had a set place they had to go and certain people were obviously in charge. The kitchens must be cool because there was a lot of talk about how hot it was outside when I didn’t think it was bad at all.


How annoying! Happy to hear that they did the right thing


That is so crazy. We were staying there that day, BW view 3rd floor right over the bakery and never heard any alarms. We must’ve been in EP at the time. It was so wet from all the rain I bet if there was a fire somewhere it didn’t stay lit for very long :slight_smile: