Star Island Resort


My husband’s boss offered us his timeshare for a week for only $300. He’s making us reservations for 7 nights in a 1 BR Villa with full kitchen, washer/dryer & the works. His boss has stayed there before and says it’s great. I’d love to hear any comments from DC! Anyone stayed there before? I know it’s not Disney but this is our 8th trip with our 7 yr. old DD so we’re ok with it not being the most magical WDW vacation. We’re on a tighter budget this trip and the time-share deal will really help!! Of course this means I’ll be cancelling our ressie for the AS Music Family Suites. But, how can you pass up $42.86 a night for a 1 BR villa?!

For those who’ve been there… how long did it take you to get to parks?


Three hundred dollars for the week? That’s a great deal! I hope someone here has stayed there and can give you some information about it. I would love to have a washer and dryer each trip–you can pack half as many clothes and pack clean clothes when you leave so you don’t have that huge pile of dirty clothes to worry about.


Just bumping this up… hoping to get some feedback! :mickey:


I don’t blame you. I usually stay for free at time share resorts (Island One is a great one) because my parents and grandparents all have time share. This time however, I’m out of luck. Too many trips to Key West for mom and dad this year.

Another great advantage to staying at a time share is that you can cook your own meals some of the time and save some money.


Yes, we stayed at Star Island in 2000. It had just opened and it was very, very nice. The grounds are beautiful. And it’s kind of secluded. The suites were beautiful! We were very impressed with it. If I remember correctly, it took us about half an hour to the parks. There was construction going on (I think it’s Irlo Bronson Hwy???) - but there always seems to be construction going on on that road. I don’t seem to remember it being too bad. I’d add an hour on - just to be on the safe side.


Thanks! I knew I would find some DC’ers that have been there. We’re going to save over $1000. on lodging alone so we can definately put up with a little commute! With the kitchen, we’ll have breakfast every day and lunch most days as we always return to the resort for a midday break. This trip will be easy on the bank account for sure! Gotta love a good deal!!!


That is a great deal! I’m sure you’ll like it!


Wow! That is an awesome deal. I’ve never been there, but for $300 I’d try it.


Where is this place? If it’s on west 192, there’s a shortcut into WDW by Animal Kingdom that’ll save you a lot of time traveling.


ddoll, I’ve never seen Star Island Resort and outside of WDW property I don’t have a clue where anything is. I just sit in the passengers seat and bug my DH every 15 mins… how much farther?! But, I found the directions online. So, yes it looks like it is on Hwy. 192 west. I’d love to hear any shortcuts you know about!

DIRECTIONS TO STAR ISLAND RESORT & CLUB: Take 75 South to the Florida Turnpike (this exit will be approximately 50 miles north of Tampa). This is also a left-hand exit. Travel to Exit 249 (which is the Osceola Parkway Exit). At the stoplight, turn right and travel West through the toll ($) and take the first exit after toll. This will bring you Vineland Rd., (also S.R. 535). Turn Left and follow this road and make a Right hand turn onto Hwy. 192 West and then a Left hand turn onto Avenue of the Stars. We are located at Mile Marker 11 just behind the TGI Friday’s Restaurant at 5000 Avenue of the Stars. Follow the signs to the registration desk.


My suggestion to you. Publix, where shopping is a pleasure. They’re always much cleaner than Winn-Dixies, and have better service overall. Just find the biggest one that’s nearest to your resort.
Rib Eye and NY Strip - $ sale price $
Filet Minon - $ sale price $
Ground Sirloin - $
Hey, if you’re gonna cook and you’re saving on housing, might as well buy the good stuff. If you want more prices, just ask.


Soundgod you sound like a walking Publix ad! Thanks for the info. We shop at Publix here in GA and I do love it. However, my idea of cooking on vacation will be cereal or frozen waffles/pancakes for breakfast and soup & sandwiches for lunch. It will be nice to have the refrigerator for some fresh fruit and veggies to munch on for healthy snacks though. I doubt if I will ever use the stovetop/oven. Microwave - definately! We’re going to have a TS meal each day for dinner.


My kids grew up believing that Publix was the first ride at Disney. :wink:


This map will show you where everything is located:

If you look at the map, you’ll see mile marker 11 is actually located on 192 East (from WDW), so the shortcut wouldn’t work for you (it’s way over at mile marker 5).
But 535 to 536 may be a better way in from your location.