Star Tours 2.0


After 20 years, the facelift you’ve all been waiting for will finally take place. Star Tours is getting updated and upgraded, debuting in 2011 here at the Studios! If not mistaken they’re already gearing up to to get it done in Disneyland!

What’s the new changes? Nothing special. A 3-D pod race!!! Discuss!!!


I was just reading about this, I know my boys will come unglued when they hear its finally going to happen!


Love it!!!


To quote my 9 year old son (who LOVES Star Tours), “SAH-WEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!”:laugh:


me…? I am so not bothered. I am pleased for those who like this attraction though but for me personally, I like the movies but find the attraction itself a huge yawn. I like the fact that darth vadar and the Storm troopers come out and strut some funky moves at times but the ride itself…sorry I nodded off there for a second :laugh:


What about the plans to make the ride unique each time you ride it? I haven’t heard anything about that…


AHHHHHH!!! I am SO excited!!!


Very excited. It was time to update it. Can’t wait to see it in 2011.


It was due for an update… still fun, but when you have to ride it 4 times a day because of the excited children in your party… a little variety would be good. Really like the safety info at the front… the characters are hysterical on the video…


Yea, I think it is going to be quite a bit more than just Pod Races. That is just what they teased us with. Lucasfilms has been working on this project for quite some time now, and they promise it won’t disappoint and will be unlike any ride of it’s kind today. There is suppose to be lots of new effects and the ride is suppose to change each time you ride (ala Twilight Zone).

I can’t wait, I am very excited.


I can’t wait!! Here is a clip from D23 with announcement YouTube - Star Tours II and just the clip
YouTube - Star Tours II


It definitely needed to be redone. My DH is not happy at all about it, though. He loves Star Wars as much as we all love Disney! But he thinks the new stuff is seriously lacking and to model the ride after the newer movies makes him extremely mad. I shouldn’t have told him…I seriously considered not telling him! Now I have to deal with Grumpy the rest of the day. :laugh:


I am so excited about this! The pod race idea is so perfect. Can’t wait!

Glad to see one of our favorite rides will be back in fashion again! Thank heaven for FPs, eh?


I’m hoping for the best… but I feel a lot like your DH does!


Ok first of all I am really really excited that they are updating ST. Saying that I hope that they go a little further then just Pod Racing. The technology that the ride uses should make it easier to customize each ride and go beyond the Pod Racing.


You’ve been reading about details or what? Where are the details? I love this ride and am looking forward to some snazzy changes. :blush:


Re-Imagined “Star Tours” Coming to California and Florida in 2011 and Major Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World Scheduled for 2013

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Sept. 12, 2009) /PRNewswire/ — Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo detailed plans for future lands, attractions and adventures that will be delighting Disney guests for years to come, at the first D23 Expo. Most notable among the announcements were the confirmation of an all-new Star Tours attraction and the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

“Storytelling is the DNA of Disney dreams and we’re always exploring new ways to tell new stories in new places,” Rasulo told a crowd at the Anaheim Convention Center in California before taking them on a “behind-the-magic” tour of their favorite Disney destinations.

Rasulo announced that a new 3-D version of the tremendously-popular “Star Tours” attraction will debut at the Disneyland Resort and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2011. Based on the iconic Lucasfilm “Star Wars” films, the attraction will include immersive new elements that will take guests to many familiar places in the Star Wars galaxy.

For Walt Disney World in Florida, Rasulo outlined plans for the largest expansion in the history of the Magic Kingdom, vastly increasing the size of Fantasyland by 2013. Guests will soon be able to:

-Visit their favorite Disney Princess in her castle, cottage, or chateau to share a dance with Cinderella; celebrate Sleeping Beauty’s birthday with the Good Fairies; or join Belle in an enchanting story performance in the Beast’s castle library.

-Be Our Guest and dine in one of three enchanted rooms inside the Beast’s castle.

-Fly with Dumbo high above brand new circus grounds, twice the size of the existing attraction with a new interactive, three-ring circus tent.

-Journey under the sea with Ariel, The Little Mermaid, in her very own attraction - also opening at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim in 2011.

-Meet Tinker Bell and her friends in the magical world of Pixie Hollow.

Rasulo provided updates on the multi-year expansion of Disney’s California Adventure including the new “World of Color” attraction slated to open in the spring of 2010 and the addition of the 12-acre Cars Land scheduled to open in 2012 where guests will literally step into the town of Radiator Springs and its six acres of hand-carved rockwork.

Rasulo noted the progress of several other recently-announced projects including the three new lands coming to Hong Kong Disneyland by 2014; the Disney Dream, the new ship being built by Disney Cruise Line; the many diverse itineraries being offered by Adventures by Disney that take guests on 19 unique, once-in-a-lifetime guided vacation experiences; and Disney’s first family destination resort on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Rasulo’s keynote presentation was only part of the D23 EXPO experience. Guests were able to discover:

Never-before-seen models of upcoming Disney attractions.
Up close and personal visits with Lucky the Dinosaur and Wall-E.
A preview of the most advanced Audio-Animatronics figures ever created by Walt Disney Imagineering.
Displays showcasing cutting-edge effects technologies that are being developed for Disney attractions, shows and venues.

As a big SW fan myself and loving to ride Star Tours as it is now, I can’t wait for version 2! :happy:
I can imagine the wait times for V2 to go up for a long time after opening. :glare:


I hope the ride is more than just the pod race. Way more exciting scenes to be used.


Very excited I hope they don’t change the little robots that talk while you’re on line they are sooo funny!


I am such a fan of this ride. I cannot wait to see the new stuff. What fun.