Star Tours Refurb


Does anyone know the date this attraction will close?

Is the plan to have this open in time for Star Wars weekends 2011?

While the ride is closed will Tattooine Traders be open?




I read September 1st it closes to start the rehab. The party is on the 14th of August (Last tour to Endure) so it makes sense. I am not sure about the store being open, but I can’t see WDW closing that and saying no to Star wars money…lol We will have to wait and see what Rowdy Raider says, but if that store does indeed close, they will have something some where selling star wars merchandise.


September 8th is what I read as the closing date and it is slated to open back up May 17,2011. I have read no where about the store closing though.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios Information and Guide - Attractions reviews photos discussion message boards has anything you would want to know about DHS and much much more.


Awesome site! Thanks!