Star Tours-rehab?


Last fall, I heard rumblings that Star Tours was going to be revamped from the ground up. Any new on this?




I heard that it was Tour was to close to Trek and confused some people…

Star Tours is long overdue for a rehab.


I thought for sure I’d see it on some web site, but haven’t so far. Last fall at Food & Wine we heard about an entirely new attraction for Star Tours.


I won’t believe anything until there’s an official announcement.


I just googled ‘star tour rehab’ and this thread came up number one!

LOL that was quickly.


A rehab would be great, but I don’t want to see it replaced!


I was told this past fall that the attraction was going to be remodeled and soon! It was very outdated, which it is, I guess. I still like it, but I liked Horizons and World of Motion too, but that’s another story. Anyway, I guess it’s on the back burner.


I beg them not to change the queue!


I haven’t heard anything but it is SURELY way overdo. Most people have better television screens in their living room than those terribly grainy ones in the attraction! Not to mention all the late 80’s/early 90’s graphics that abound in there! :laugh:


The queue is the only good thing on the ride now. I agree it is way overdue for a rehab.


Update yes, but don’t take Star Tours away!!!


And how about this lady? My kids always ask if she is a Hidden Mickey!


OMG, MissD, I love her so much. The head that can’t stay square on her shoulders, that so-mellow voice “Thank you, and have a pleasant tour.” :laugh:

Last Christmas I was in Bath & Body works, and one of the employees HAD THAT EXACT SAME HAIR. For the first time (but not the last), I was so disappointed that I’d opted for the phone without the camera in it!


HA!! I am a bit embarrassed to say I thought the same thing!! :laugh:


LOL :laugh:


Star Tours Episode 2: From Coruscant to Naboo?

Star Tours Special Edition?


If they do rehab this and keep a similar ride mechanism it hope they create a couple different ride stories so you never know what you are going to get.

I would think it would be fairly easy for them to create 4 or 5 ride movies with the advancements in computer animation.

(heck you could have 4 different ride stories with 3 different endings each…that with visual, motion, and audio improvements and the rehab would have a long life span!)


Technically, they could drop in the ride film and software for Body Wars for use on Star Tours. The main thing is shooting the new ride film.


My 4 yr old DS would be totally devastated! Please don’t let them get rid of it, a refurb would be great!! He’s so looking forward to it.


I like the idea of Star Tours but it’s long overdue for a major rehab…that ride could be much smoother and much more exciting with all the new technology that’s out there. If I had to guess I would think we’ll be hearing something about a refurb in the next few years.