Star tours


I just found this online. I got scared as heck thinking that we may miss star tours this trip but its closing the day we leave!!

Disneyland’s Star Tours set to close early for rehab - Around Disney : The Orange County Register


I think they are trying to get their predictions right since the release of World of Color did not exactly meet their predicition. This means my siter and I have to ride it couple more times before it goes. It is probably one of favorite attractions and we can even recite the entire ride. Hopefuly it is a better experience. :slight_smile:


I’ll be a little disappointed it will be closed when I plan to go in August but I am glad that the company is finally going to update the video, ride system and queue/attraction building. From what I have heard, the new video should be awesome.


that stinks for us we are going in Aug so now it looks like there is one ride we wont be able to get on