Star Wars Character News


Bad news guys. I know many of you wanna meet the Star Wars characters, but due to many reasons that have popped up recently, the meet and greets with Darth Vader and some of his Stormtroopers at Star Tours has been disncontinued until further notice.

Also, the Jedi Training Academy is gone. They were attempting to make it a permanent show, but until everything gets straightened out, it’s gone as well.

I’ll keep you posted if they come back.


That’s too bad, any reason you can tell us about, Matt?


Hey Rowdy, I hope there isn’t any strife between Disney and Lucasfilm!:ohmy:


that is sad! My kids are currently nuts for Star Wars


Hmmmmm the Star Wars acadamy was too funny! I wonder what happened?


Unfortunately not because there wasn’t any specified reasons told. It was “reasons” in general. But things are still really good between Lucasfilm and Disney so no worries there.


Thanks, Matt. I was hoping the Jedi Training would be around all the time, my DS loved getting to do it in May. He stills talks about beating Darth.


Thanks for the news. Bummer… But did I miss part of the story? What ‘reasons’ or “recent reasons” are you alluding to? Something happen?


That is a major bummer. I was looking forward to that.


I figured it would be gone by the time we went in January, one more reason to go in May for a second trip next year.


Many reasons but none have been revealed to me. There’s rumors but I’m not gonna spread them.


Even if things are good, I still bet it has to do with licensing. Remember, the Toy Story Character Breakfast is on-hold for that reason, and Disney owns Pixar now.


I’m not really into Star Wars but that is to bad. :sad:


Bummer, my 4 year old daughter LOVES Darth Vader. (Should that make me worried about the kind of guy she’s going to bring home when she is of dating age?). I have pictures of her posing with the Darth Vader display at MGM last year when she was only 3… I don’t get why she thinks he’s “cute.” LOL. When I was little I had crush on R2. LOL.

DH will be bummed too…


Hmm! One more thing I’ve missed and won’t get to see! Bummer!

OH man, has Dewey seen this thread? He’s likely to sink into depression!


I hope nothing will affect (effect?) Star Wars Weekends?!:blink:

Lisa :mickey:


You’re right… :laugh:

But…since I’m not going back to WDW until Dec 2007 (another reason to sink into depression), I’m sure they’ll have this problem figured out… I HOPE!!! :eek:


That just stinks. I love darth vader! Is he still in the stars and motorcars parade?


Would this be a place to comment, “BOO! SITH!” :tongue:

see. it’s a pun; I’ve got Anakin for them…


I’m not a particular fan of Star Wars, but I feel bad for the MB’ers who are. Hope they get the reasons straightend out.