Star wars day one


Hi guys star wars day one is there anything special goes on this day?.. any special opening parade. show etc. that we shouldnt miss?. as of right now we are scheduled to get there friday. The first day at the parks saturday the 7th… do we need to be there on the 6th or miss something ?


Nothing special happens on the first day of SWW that doesn’t happen all the days of the event. Every day of SWW there is a special Calvacade, meet and greet with Star Wars characters, autograph sessions with the stars of Star Wars, a Q and A with the stars, and of course, the Hyperspace Hoopla at the end of the day! Such an incredibly fun event.


The end of the day thing sounds interesting. Is is crazy busy Rowdy? As in, would I be stressed over the crowds, or are they manageable?? Is it something my 7 year old would like? ( He is crazy for Star Wars!!)


did I miss something? did they release the dates?


so sorry here is the news:
Star Wars Weekends have been officially announced for 2008. The special events, themed around the popular Star Wars films, will be held every weekend in June: June 6- 8; June 13 - 15; June 20 - 22; and June 27 - 29. No celebrity attendees have yet been announced… we are going the 7th to the 13
we plan on doing star wars saturday maybe sunday… then the rest of the time the other parks.


darn- I was hoping it would start in may- but no go!:crying:


It’ll be busy, but that’s because it’s summertime. I’ve always seen it as managable though. It’s very easy to get around crowds at Studios since most of the attractions are shows and seat thousands at a time. Funny thing is, most of the guest who end up at Studios don’t even have a clue SWW is going on until they run into it! :laugh:


My advice it to hit the lines in either the early part of the morning or the later part of the day. It’s June, it’s FL, it’s HOT!

I’m from FL and was sweating like you couldn’t believe. Sorry to be gross but at one point it was just running down my back, chest, you name it. Bring lots to drink and make sure you swear cool clothing.

Dispite the heat, this was probably the best time I’ve ever had at Disney. Hand down one of my favorite experiences.


I was there last year in June and I agree it was HOT and crowded,thank goodness we were staying at the YC we were able to boat over and enjoy and that boat back to our resort and get refreshed in Stormalong bay.

It was great fun people were dressed up I have no idea how some of them wore those robes I was sweating looking at them