welcome back! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!


Yeah, a Star Wars TR - cant wait!


We are excited to hear about your trip!


Cool . . . I’d :heart: to hear all about Star Wars weekend! :happy:


Me too, I’d love to hear about a Star Wars weekend. :slight_smile: Welcome back.


Can’t wait to hear all about it.


Welcome back- looking forward to your report.


Welcome home! Cant wait to hear how DD is doing-- this is the time when everyone decides to stay and never move home!


sorry this took so long. had a horrible week catching up at work… anyway Im going to give it a shot…

we were suppsoed to leave at 4:00 pm thrusday but i decided at kind of the last minute to take the whole day off and leave early. well early turned out to be noon… we stopped for breakfast at craker barrell and finally left. trip was uneventfull. we stayed overnight outside savannah georgia. we got there around 1:00 on friday… the last few hours my cp dd called every few minutes wanting to know where we were. she was waiting at her apartment to go over to the hotel to check us in and jsut couldnt wait… finally we were about an hour out and she called and said she was waiting at the POP . she took her bAthing suit and was waiting by the pool. we finally got there aorund 1:00 did anyone notice how long those last few miles are. once you get on I4 it should be real quick … they seem to be the longest miles of the whole trip…
we got there an was already checked in… she got our hotel keys and parking pass. perfect way to start a trip…
it was so good to see her… she looks great. she lost a few lbs and is really tan… she got her hair cut and just looked wonderfull very grown up and happy.
I am so happy she has had a tuff adulthood so far so it is great to see her so happy…

anyway… we got there and went up to the room to freashen up and change. we were all starving
we then headed to down town disney to eat.
… we tried for the rain forest but the wait was so long none of us felt we could wait… we ate at earl of sandwaich … great as always . i had the roast beef with the horasradish sauce it was so good but a littel more rare then i like. dd one and dh had the chicken florentine … they both loved it… im not sure what cp dd had but she loved. it… after that we went and walked around for awhile… went over to pleasure island … the new restaurent looks to cool. we were bummed it want open yet… this is where my dh got starte d on buying pins that would end with his new obsession for the trip. more later got to go buy food and dh want to drive up to jim thorpe for the day i will do more later. with hopfully pictures


Sounds like a great start! Enjoy your day!


saturday we got up early . dd wanted to get to MGM by rope drop … so off we went the bus line wasnt bad… this would be one of the last time we could make this claim… we got to mgm and thru the check in lines … i wasnt sure if we would haveto switch our tickets somehow as we bought them at the disney store… so when we got to the ticket area i asked … the cm checked , she said she had to confirm they were our tickets? i thought this was strange… but she checked as said everything was ok. as we were going thru the storm troopers were on top of the tickets station… so cooleeverytime we seethis I am fasinated first how can these people stand those costumes sin the heat. and just how do they get up there.
we got part way up mains street and had to wait for rope drop. my cp dd came with us and took us aorund to the side so we could get to toy story mania … well we got there and it was already mobbed. we are talking crazy mobs of people all pushing and shoving for fast passes… it was unbelievable… my dh and i decided to not brave the lines and was jsut going to walk away… no!!! cp dd and other dd decided they wanted to get the fast passes. so off they went… dh and i walked back a bit to wait for them Or call the army to go get them whichever came first…
finally about 30 mintues or so later the two of them come out holding fast passes… they both said it was unbeleivable… people were taking their small children in to get fast passes people were shoving and pushing… warning soap box alert… I am sorry but as much as we all love disney these things will be there later , next trip or next day… the crazy running and pushing for fast passes is just nutz. end of soap box.
we were all hungry so we walked to the the bakery next to the brown derby for muffins and coffee. after we wandered a bit… went on great movie ride my favorite then walked to the back for muppets three D, came across darth vader so waited for picutres… had to wait thru two cycles as darth had to take a break… also waited for scully. and mike … went on back lot tour… then saw star tours and waited for darth mall. who buy the way was gorgous… … I wanted to see the lights moter and action car show but…it was soo hot i couldnt imagine sitting outside se we skipped it this time… all day we looked for the "special shop that we were told held all the star wars souveniers… couldn tfind it we asked every cm we could find and walked all over rth park never found it… anyway by this time it was food and sitting time so we went to the back lot express. we each had the chicken wraps not the best … but ok for quick.

we then headed to fantasmic. which is always wonderfull funny though no one told us that way down in front is a very wet area… guess were the only available sets were yep first row… all thru the show we got a very nice wet misty breeze. after that the two dd wanted to head overy to magic kingdon but dh and i wanted to take a quiet walk up main street. sounds good unfortunaltey i gues that night was a tciket only event that we couldnt attend… so we ended going back to the resort to swim… next day ;;;; more people in one spot then i every thougth possible.


I wonder the same thing each and every time I see a picture of those storm troopers . . . in all that heavy plastic on top of a roof standing . . . they must switch out like every 10 minutes??

We :heart: starring rolls for a quick CS breakfast . . . yum!

TSM: What a bummer! I agree I would just try again next time I go . . . but for a lot of people this is their one and only trip for a looooong time! Disney better step it up and sort out the FP machines . . . there seems like there is always a line. Like BELLA said in her report . . . CMs should also let people know they can’t block the entrance and to COME BACK when it’s time to ride! DUH!

Anyway . . . do you have any pictures for us?


We noticed the same thing with TSM!!! The one morning we got there early (I think it was Friday and they had everyone wait until 9 before they let them go out into the park I had DH try to go get us fastpasses while I got us breakfast at yup… Starring Rolls… LOL—he said it was madness!!! And people were RUNNING to the fastpass machines!!! And their were HUGE lines just to get a fastpass!! But if you didn’t get one in the morning you were in trouble because they were out of fastpasses by 10am!!!

Great TR so far!!! Can’t wait to hear more!!


yep got picture i have to wait for dd to get up and help me post Im so picture posting challenged.

on to sunday… we of course had to get to mdm by rope drop so again we got up early and got to mgm jsut in time for opening.cp dd had to work that night so we left her at the hotel to sleep for awhile she would meet us later to eat and do some stuff. there were our storm troopers again so cool… also on top of one of the stores on main street there was a gold storm trooper directing people on where to get wrist bands for meet and greet of the stars there that day… we decided to not do that but dd and cp dd ended up regretting it. on saturday we missed the star wars parade so we got a spot on main and waited for aobut an hour… wow not much shade even with all the stores. so it was one hot hour. cp dd showed up right before the blocked the street off. we were glad we got a spot the star wars parade is way cool … troups of storm troopers alot of the characters from the new ones that Im not a big fan of so I wasnt sure what they all were. and my favorite Ewoks… warwick davis was there… alfter that we went on star tours and muppets. waited to see some more characters. we had lunch at ABC commissary… better food the the back lot express and no birds flying overhead. did back lot tour again and again tried to find the special store that sold all of the specials souveners… we walked all over the park and asked multiple cms finally we asked one of the cms in the villiam store and she told us exactly where it was … kind of funny you really wouldnt find it by just walking aorund… you had to go by the back lot tour to a wall and make a left to go kind of behind the side of the building… I was waiting for some guy with a broken nose at a small window to ask for the pass word. the whole purpose was to find a dool of stitch dressed as yoda. my dd a big fan of both stitch and star wars wanted it. no such luck it must have been something from a past year they ddint have it… we walked out of the building… there was almost no one back there. a few people sitting aorund. we had fast passes for toy story magic. this by the way is one of disneys best ideas. I am not a thrill ride person dh and i absolutely loved this one as did the girls. well we got up there and the regular line was reading at 60 minutes wait. the fast pass line was longer. stretches aorund the building. it was jsut too hot to wait in the sun… so we handed our fast passes to some people . at thispoint the crowds were unbeleivable. i have been n florida in the summer before but these were worse. i think every human was in mgm … you could not walk. at thispoint we did everything we wanted to do in mgm so decided to hop over to epcot for the night.cp dd had to head off to work.
of course had to go on space ship earth… have to tell ya this is still one of my favorites first the lines goes qucikly and it is a few minutes of cool sitting. the changes are great. next we walked aorund future would… my dh and dd did soarin… I still cannot bring muself to do thisone… i get right up to the door and then chicken out… this time i didnt even try I just sat andwaited… I know it is silly.
we walked aorund some more did some of our favorites journey into imagaination, nemo ride dd had not done that before so she was anxious… this is such a cute story line. love the little star fish at the end that begs you to take him with him cause the repeating is drving him nutz… we then headed back to the countries… we all love the norway ride so wanted to do that… it was extra magic hours so we went to get our wrist bands… dh and dd did soarnin again and we walked aorund a bit more walked on most rides.
monday was magic kingsom…


sounds like a fun trip…can’t Waite to see the photos…lot’s of photos

May the force be with you.


since it is taking me forever to finish this report I thought I would post some pictures… here is dd on the left and cp dd on the right with scully oops no picture lets try again


cp dd with darth mall

dh and mike


dd and cp with darth vader

dh and i with scully


really cool statue outside of the store in japan…

Jeff and i in front of really coo statue in front of the store in japan after spending alot of money in said store.