Star Wars Weekend 2010 - Who's Going When


Who is going and which weekend? I’ve got my official Mouse Buzz SWW Speedos for the Big Epcot Fountain Splash. :eek:

I’ll be there for the last weekend. Anybody that wants to try a meet & greet post which weekend and I’ll do the old cut and paste. [B]Please use this format: RLCarmichael, 4th, 6/11-13 BLT[/B]

May the Force be with us!


[B][U]1st Weekend[/U][/B]
timkelmom 5/21
Goodegirl2007 5/22
Tinker Mel 5/22-23

[B][U]2nd Weekend[/U][/B]
Disney62 5/30
hydeho 5/28-30

[B][U]3rd Weekend[/U][/B]
Monrailrider 6/4-8, Polynesian
fito, 3rd, 6/5-6, BLT
mickeysgirlz 6/5

[U][B]4th Weekend[/B][/U]
RLCarmichael, 4th, 6/11-13 BLT
Soundgod 6/13??
babets 6/11-13


We will be in Disney then but not sure if we are going to HS on the 11th. I think we may hit AK on that day.




We will be there the 30th!


We are going May 28-30.


There’s a possibility you’ll see me on the 13th.
Nothing set in stone yet though.


We will be there on May 22nd!!! Can’t wait!!


We are planning on going for just one day on May 21. It should be extra crowded because that is a Fantasmic night as well, but we are up for it. DH had been wanting to so this for several years.



Who else? Don’t be shy…


I will be there…:ph34r:

fito, 2nd,5/29-30,BLT

Can’t wait!!!:laugh:




Just booked for 3rd weekend. Can’t wait!!!

Monrailrider 6/4-8, Polynesian

Will be at DS on sat Jun 5th.


I SO wish…My son would LOVE it!! One day…


Come on down - we can find you a room somewhere. Plus…Boss isn’t going to be here. He’s still on probation for that LAST fountain incident. :eek:
All the KOOL people will be there on the 4th weekend! :laugh:


All the KOOL people will be there on the 4th weekend! :laugh:[/QUOTE]

and the 2nd…:happy:


my husband and i are going to discuss going the first weekend when we get home from work :wub: it was his idea!!!


We have decided to go on the 4th weekend. We have never been, are all the weekends basically the same?


I can’t be the only mousebuzzer going on the 3rd weekend!?


Pretty much, except all the COOL people go the 4th weekend this year. :laugh:

The guest star appearances changes but that’s about it.

Maybe you should shower more or something! :eek: Use the power of the Force to convince other MBers to…

Come to the Darkside. We have cookies!


[QUOTE=fito;1028410]I will be there…:ph34r:

fito, 2nd,5/29-30,BLT

Can’t wait!!!:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Turns out we will be going the 3rd week-end… we have a graduation to attend the 2nd weekend, so we pushed the trip back 2 days…

fito, 3rd, 6/5-6, BLT