Star Wars weekends questions


Hi everyone! Our trip is fast approaching and I’m getting a little concerned. My DBF and I leave May 16th, and our last “full” day in the parks is the 22nd, which also happens to be the first day of SWW.

We are HUGE Star Wars fans, but don’t really need to get autographs from the actors or even get pictures with the characters. Our main interest is seeing the parade and possible getting a t shirt or a pin.

In planning, I made May 22nd our “HS Day”, in which we planned on arriving at park opening, doing the stampede to TSM, followed by hitting the other two trill rides. My question is whether or not we will be able to accomplish this, or if it will be TOO busy to even approach the park.

Also, are there regular shows that day (Indy, Beauty, and Lights Motors), or do they use the amphitheaters for character meets etc…

Also please feel free to share your experiences and stories about your days at SWW:mickey:


We have been to SWW twice in 2007 and once in 2008 (my DH is a HUGE fan). The park is super busy but any star wars fan will LOVE it! The opening weekend from what I’ve heard is really big for the collectors to get to for the merchandise (which can only be bought from here).

I say if you are going to be there then go for it!! After you do TSM then you can hit the merchandise area which is also (usually) in that same area. Also be sure to get a park map just for the Star Wars Weekends it is completely different than the normal park map. And also be sure to get the separate times and information sheet too!

Have fun!


The park will be divided into a Rebel Section and an Imperial section. Within the Rebel side is where all of the “light side” characters will be meeting and greeting (Luke, Leia, R2, Chewie, etc.) and vice versa for the dark side characters.

Definitely DO NOT miss the celebrity motorcade, especially if the 501st is marching in it. For those who don’t know the 501st is the only officially recognized Star Wars fan club and all of it’s members build their own costumes and show up in them. Just amazing and can be quite funny.

Don’t miss some of the other special events, ESPECIALLY the Hyperspace Hoopla at the end of the day. And also check out the Jedi Training Academy as not only will children face Vader, but also Darth Maul!

So there’s a lot to do during the event! Have a blast…and pray I actually get to work the event again this year!


I understand all of the events going on, but my question is will the rest of the park still function normally - Will I be able to see Indiana Jones, Beauty and the Beast and Lights, Motors, Action? Will the park be too busy to even move around? Does it fill to capacity, or can I do as I usually do and arrive at the gates 30 mins before opening?


Yes the rest of the park’s shows and rides are in full swing. And yes it’s busy at SWW, but only because it’s that time of year. I’ve never seen DHS completely filled with guests during SWW. There will be a lot of fans, but many guests who come are ignorant of the goings ons and just happen to come when the event is happening so they aren’t really interested. If you arrive early, you’ll at least have a chance to get your pass to get autographs from the celebrities that day before all the fans eat them up.


awesome, thanks so much!


We found ourselves visiting HS during a SWW one trip. Honestly, I think the fans who are there for the Star Wars stuff do that-the rest of the park we were able to do whatever we wanted. The two busiest things we saw was the Star Tours ride, and the gift shop right there. The gift shop was crazy!!! LOL.

The parade was AWESOME!!! And that is coming from a non-fan!

Be sure to get your TSM fastpasses right away!! LOL!