Star Wars Weekends?


We will be visiting WDW for 9 days starting May 14. We’ve never visited during this period and I noticed that one of the events going on during that time is the Star Wars Weekends. We’re not huge Star Wars fans but enjoy the movies. Has anyone been to this before? What special activities do they normally have? Will any of the actors or actresses be attending? I’m curious to know if it’s worth it so we can make our plans accordingly.

#2 I have not been, but this is good info. Looks like it will be fun!


I’m not a big Star Wars fan either, but we were there in 2003 when Star Wars Weekends were going on and it turned out to be a blast. They have Star Wars Weekend merchandise…only available at MGM during SWW. Most of the characters are there in costume, like Chewy and Darth Maul and Queen Ama…I don’t know them well enough to call them by name… And I had alot of fun. My husband and our friend REALLY got into it along with our kids. The Hubbys had to go and buy autograph books and have the costumer SWW characters sign and we took pictures with each one. Just like the kids with the Disney characters, get an autograph and look for the next character to run to. It was funny! If you’re there, make sure you go and check it out. They will have some of the real actors there too giving autographs, but you have to get a wristband to get in line for them. We didn’t bother, but I’m not sure who will be there this year with the release of the new movie and all. I’m sure it’ll be awesome. We’ll be there the last weekend in May and the first Friday in June, so I’m sure we’ll hit SWW a couple of times!


We too are not huge fans but watch the movies. Last year was the first year we went to MGM while it was Star Wars Weekend.

They had Stormtroopers above the turnstiles as you entered the parks. They were walking around. One followed by DS for a while. We had our photos taken with Jedi Mickey and when we exited, our DS was approached by a character to trade pins. I think that was the high-light of his day.

We will be leaving WDW on 5/20 but the SWW begins the 19th. We are planning on going to MGM that day.


How come there isn’t a celebrity list out yet?


It seems like it might be worth checking out. Does anyone know if the event draws larger than normal crowds to DS? I think there will be some heightened interest as a result of the release of the final Star Wars movie which I believe will be around the same time as the first SW weekend.


I’ve been to three of these events and have enjoyed them. Basically, MGM is filled with the characters roaming around, and there are a few comedy sketches, quiz shows, and interviews with some of the celebrities from the movies.
The days that I have gone, it has been very, very crowded. In fact, in 2000, it was the most crowded I had ever seen MGM (I have video of this). In 2001, the crowds were a little lighter the weekend I went, but I saw subsequent photos in which crowds grew depending on the guests. Don’t get me wrong- you can still do and see everything - it’s just a lot of people.

Last year, I encountered a lot of crowds on Saturday, but by Sunday, it was a lot easier to get around. It really probably depends on the guests.
This year, with the celebration of the parks going on,as well as the advent of the new movie, it’s bound to be busy.
But actually, unless there is something that you absolutely MUST do, it’s actually better when it’s busy.

Hope that helps.