Star Wars Weekends


I was just on and it says that the dates for the star wars weekends are May 22 - June 14. So does that mean it’s deffinite, or more of a rumor?


oh I don’t know I checked on the official disney website and it says to check back at a later date so you never know!


I would wait too until you see it on more sites. Those dates seem different… We’ve gone to Star Wars Weekends the past two years and they’ve always been the weekends in June only.

Also 2 more places to check are and


The dates seem a little odd. It has typically been only the weekends in June. I would also wait to see it on the official site or on, which always gets the date right and early.


Gosh I hope not!:eek: We were planning on going the end of June for SWW.:huh:


when i searched a couple of months ago, there were several fan sites (starwars not disney sites) that said it’d start 1st week in june. we are hoping it starts then, that’s our plan for the last friday we are there.


I wanted to bring this back as now has also released these dates according to Anita Answer…

[I][B]Brandi writes:

Hi, I want to plan a trip to WDW while Star Wars Weekends are going on. Do you have any idea when they will be this year, or how far in advance I can find out when they will be? My cousin is turning 16 this year and I wanted to take him for his birthday since he is a huge fan of Star Wars, but I need to know when I can plan on going so I can save up. Thank you for any information.

Hi Brandi!

The 2009 Star Wars Weekends will begin on Friday, May 22 and conclude on Sunday June 14. As usual, Star Wars Weekends will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Details haven’t been released yet, but you can get an idea of what to expect by reading about past Star Wars celebrations HERE.

Happy Planning!



6 years ago I know they started at the end of May, cause I attended one while I was a CP, and it was right before my program ended. When did they start pushing them back to June? :blink:


The past two years they’ve only been held on the weekends in June. (i only know since we’ve been the past two years to it since dh is a HUGE fan)


It has only been the last 2 years that SWW has been in June only. The year prior to that it spanned from 2nd weekend in May to 2nd weekend in June. I thought the reason given for moving it to June was for Star War’s release anniversary. I remember the year they did move it that details started to emerge in early March because we were looking at a different date & I was glad I hadn’t purchased the airfare I was looking at.


I am so bummed!:frown: My boys were so excited about SWW for our June trip. Unfortunately it doesn’t match up with our dates now and we can’t change our times for this trip.:crying:


from allears

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
May 22 - June 14, 2009!

im tempted to reschedule our trip but woud lose $50… to cancel.


wow! guess we’ll be hitting up star wars weekend then! cool - i get to do that and the flower and garden festival in one trip (2 things i’ve never done)! yay!!