Star Wars


I am not a big Star Wars fan but I figured since I was going to be down there during this event I might as well check it out. What exactly changes at the DS during this time? We will be visiting during the last weekend of the Star Wars weekend.


Nothing really changes. It’s all additions. A Star Wars Character Calvacade, Star Wars characters meet and greet all over the park. A chance to meet some of the people who either performed in or help make Star Wars. But the regular shows, parades, sets, etc. do not change to accomodate :biggrin:


we are big star wars fans… it is great they have jedi training for the kids. parades characters from the movies. autograph signing… very crowded at least when we have been. but a good time.


Thanks Rowdy! How are you, haven’t seen your posts in a while… still entertaining at WDW??


they have a motorcade then a huge star wars parade and meet in greets with if i remmber

mace or kenobi mickey
trooper donald
darth goofy

with some star wars people