Starbucks at WDW?


Has anybody else ever wondered why there are no Starbucks in WDW? Every time we go I’m so disappointed that you can’t get a decent latte in any of the parks. I would have thought Disney would love a partnership with a high profile business like Starbucks. If nothing else, with the popularity of specialty coffee drinks, I would think they could make a ton of money selling good ones. It’s not like Disney to miss a market opportunity. I’ve often wondered why it seems they haven’t done anything about this. But maybe they have and I just haven’t heard about it.


I have always wondered that!!! There is not one at DL either!!! I love Starbucks and cannot understand why Disney does not have one one site!! They are everywhere else!! And you are right so High Profile!!! A couple of years ago we went to DL and I actually went on line to find out if there was a Starbucks on Disney property and there are some close by but not on!! They have other coffee shops but the coffee is not as good! :sad:


I have always wished that (or at least a good cup of caffeine). My DH gets us up so early to take advantage of the EMH and what I wouldn’t give for a Starbucks to greet me at the entrance of the parks! It does seem like it would be a good fit for both companies.


When Rafikiman & I were at DL in May we drove down the street aways & found a Starbucks! But it wasn’t even within walking distance from the resorts. And even though they make “lattes” at a few places at WDW, they’re not very good at all! It’s always been a puzzle for us.


DH and I were talking about the same thing on our trip last year except we cannot live without Dunkin Donuts coffee. I was jonesin’ for their iced coffee so bad. Had to settle for the diet coke to get the caffeine instead.


Because Starbucks is liquid crack that’s why…lol I had a capp. once and I felt like I was going to go crazy…I was shaking and just SO hyper…haven’t had one since…lol

Seriously though, you figure if they have McD’s fries in WDW, the least they could do is give the parents a nice Starbucks jolt to get their day started…lol


Disney is very, very particular with its brand affiliations, especially if they have an obvious presence in the parks and resorts. When he was alive, Walt wanted his parks to have all the magic of a special place. Walt didn’t mind corporate sponsorships of attractions to help foot the bill, but he didn’t want to have the magic ruined by a proliferation of common things guests could find elsewhere.

This ideal was pretty strictly adhered to until the Eisner regime, when major brands slowly began having a presence in the resort. To this day, Disney purists abhor that there are full-fledged McDonald’s on property and that you can buy McDonald’s fries in the theme parks. Purists likewise hate that there’s a Ghiardelli’s at Downtown Disney.

I agree that these places don’t really fit at WDW and detract from the magical aura that is the cornerstone of what Disney is all about.

Even today, Disney is still careful about not junking up the resort with lots of brand-name brick and mortar associates. If you let Starbucks in, then do you let in Burger King and Cinabon? Or maybe Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken?

If this happened, pretty soon the landscape at WDW wouldn’t look much different than the drive to your local mall.


I have to agree with Park Hopper, having said that I sure do wish there was a hidden Dunkin Dounts around :). The closest I have found is the little umbrella coffee stand on the Boardwalk right near the boat dock to EPCOT & MGM. One of the high points in staying at any of the EPCOT resorts has always been an early morning stroll to the coffee stand and then to the bakery right down the Boardwalk then waking up the family to fresh coffee and sweet rolls. Ummmmmmm



The only place I’ve seen Starbucks is at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress. They serve Starbucks exclusively. They even have posters to note it. Their morning coffee bar is called Perks. They charge $ 2.75/cup.



I’m a Dunkin’ Donuts fan myself…would love to find something equivalant when I go in Sept.


They are looking for a sponsor for Space Ship Earth. They could redo the ride to be the story of coffee based drinks and have a Starbucks at the post show. :wacko:

Really I have to agree with Park Hopper…


I have no answer for you. I only wanted to say “hello” because I haven’t seen you on in FOREVER! Nice to see you. :mickey:


I like coffee but personally I hate Starbucks. A few years ago we’d never heard of them, now they’re everywhere. Used to be a time when you could go to a coffee shop and ask for a coffee and they would give you a coffee. Very nice and around £1 a cup. Now you have to go through a list as long as your arm and virtually need a Masters Degree in food science and about six languages to understand what they’re offering you. Then they take forever to make it and it costs about three quid! However, you do get to sit down (well you would get to if there were enough room) on some high wooden stools designed to make your rear end go numb, or brightly coloured sofas that sink to the floor. Added to that, and above all, I simply don’t like the taste of their coffee. I avoid Starbucks like the plague!! Keep it out of WDW please!


>>Now you have to go through a list as long as your arm and virtually need a Masters Degree in food science and about six languages <<

ROFL!! I have to agree. I never understand the sizes of these things. Why not small-medium-large. And this isn’t just Starbucks, but many of the coffee houses.

I vote for Dunkin Donuts (DD) coffee though. Krispy Kream (KK) is my # 2. Although I have to stay away from KK because I just can’t eat one. And you don’t ever go in there for coffee only. Impossible!!!

We buy the DD coffee by the bag and make it for dinner, etc. Great stuff and relatively inexpensive.



Ok I have to confess I have never had coffee or anything related to coffee. I just don’t like hot drinks (Tom I occasionally will have a cup of tea when my English brother-in-law offers).

Donuts, I don’t eat them anymore but I would put KK right there with Starbucks as legal crack houses. (By the way KK is coming out with drinks. The signature drink being a smoothy type drink that taste like a sugar glazed donuts…that is just wrong.)

Keep the brands out of the Kingdom/World


I love Starbucks cuz the cater to everyone. I’m and adkinsite and its the only place that can make a decaf sugarfree vanilla latte with heavy whipping cream. That said I’m prepared to get my cup at the airport commiing and going. I agree that Disney need to be extraordinary but if they want to copy I’ll help with the testing.



Jeez! I just thought it was powder and hot water. It’s a whole new science! I can see a Starbuck’s University of coffeeology not too far in the future! Bean me up, Scotty! :ohmy:


Now, we both know that’s there’s no comparison between Starbucks, and a certain other coffee, don’t we Tom? :wink: Nirvana would be a kiosk of Krispy Kremes and Tim Horton’s.


For me probably a big pot of Tim’s plus a huge box of those doughnuts you get at Wal Mart. You have to give it to these Yanks. They know how to make a mean doughnut!!