Started packing for Disney!


Well sort of. I laid out all our suitcases in the spare room. This weekend I went to Walmart and purchased trip stuff…extra batteries, waterproof camera, travel size bottles to put shampoos and cream in, small bottles of hand sanitizer. This morning I filled the bottles and did a few piddley things here and there. I have to do it discreetly so Noah doesn’t see, if he sees me packing he starts throwing everything and anything into the suitcases, odd items too like kitchen utensils, clocks, our small radio etc. It is just easier if he is not around when I do it.
I need to make one more run to the store to get the children’s motrin, and a couple of other things to take with. Then on the weekend we will get our USD for our trip and make up those Mousekeeping envelopes. EEEKKKK :eek: So much left to do and so little time. Sorry Dana…


Wow… I have only one thing packed so far- I have the suitcase and the bride and groom ears that Cosmicwaves so graciously dropped off a DH’s work yesterday. That is all so far!!! And totally unlike me!
I think I am afraid that if I pack now that I will pack all the shorts I need to wear between now and then.


Oh I haven’t packed clothes yet either. I am going to do laundry next Tues and then put it in the suitcases. We leave Wed night for the airport hotel. I will pack Noah’s Disney shirts since they are already washed and folded. My suitcases are laid out and open, just empty…:redface:

Are you staying at Pop too?


I cannot wait to do the next step in my packing! I’m at 34 days and I’ve got my carry on started (plastic baggie and other items I don’t need between now and travel) and my suitcases with dryer sheets in them so they won’t smell like the closet they’ve been in since our honeymoon a year ago. :slight_smile: I was going to put the formal clothes we’ll need in the garment bag and pack that but I’m afraid they’ll get super wrinkly and DH will notice a suit missing (he wears this particular one a lot). I’m still adding and changing my packing list too. LOL I’ve gotten most of what we’ll need from WalMart (travel sized stuff and such). I need to go back the week we leave and get the couple of food items I want but that’s it. Enjoy your packing because unpacking upon return isn’t nearly as fun. :wink:


I leave on Friday, and the furthest Ive gotten is making a to-do list. School just started for me, and with work, I just havent had time. Im afraid if I started packing now, it would make me to anxious anyways!

Have fun!


Wow, you guys are good. I finally just took my suitcases out of the closet this week. I haven’t done anything except make a list of things to pack. I should start getting my carry on stuff and small toiletries togther too, but I’m way behind the 8 ball, so to speak. And the next 10 days are so busy with Kelsey’s nursery school orientations, and last minute baby doctor check ups, I have no idea how/when I’ll get it all done!


with 4 days left on my counter all I have done is pulled out the suitcases


EEK! Watch out! Dana’s likely to take you out! LOL I’m a terrible procrastinator myself but with something so fun as Disney, I just can’t handle the wait. Packing makes it feel closer. :slight_smile:


I am a little behing you guys in the countdown, but have a box I’ve been sticking Disney stuff in all year!! it’s in my closet - and now is so big I am going to have to start packing it in suitcases! i have my toiletry bag pretty much packed (just need to throw in the stuff we are using up until we leave). I have my list (oh yes, THE LIST) and have it color coded to what is packed, what to buy still, and what I just need to look for and find.

I really want to pack soon, the week we leave is a busy one, so I gotta get lots done before that!


We leave Wed night too- but we are staying at All Star Music. We have already stayed at the pop once before. I like trying a new place each time we go. I have the same issue with the suitcase open. I hope to have it all packed by the end of the weekend.


Wow. You all on the ball. We haven’t even thought about packing for our trip yet and what we need. And we only have 32 days to go.


yes, but you have :wub: :wub: :wub: wedding stuff to be thinking about too!!!


We are done and the car is packed.


YAY!!! When is blast off?


3 AM Driving.