Starting 1/1/08. WDW restaurants to add 18% grat. to ALL bills


I apologize if this has already been discussed but I couldn’t find anything. I received an e-mail from the Disney Dining Experience program and in smaller print at the bottom of the e-mail the following statement was made:

“We would also like to inform you that the Walt Disney World® Resort will be implementing an across property policy change regarding gratuity at all food and beverage locations. Effective January 1, 2008, 18% gratuity will be added to all transactions, regardless of party size. Thank you for your continued support.”

hmm. I hadn’t heard of this.


weird…i have usually had consistent service at WDW but I think that making tip mandatory give waiters an excuse not to work as hard…much like the DDP did. When I waited all throughout college I busted my behind to get good tips…wish I had worked there…then I wouldn’t have to worry about it!! :laugh:


I don’t like mandatory gratuity. I have no problem leaving a great tip, and will even leave the minimum for bad service because I feel bad. But 18% is a good tip and I worry it will promote lackluster service if there is no extra reward for excellent service!


They do this in the Bahamas. When you go buy a bottle of water at a cart, you get hit with a 15% gratuity! Insanity…:glare:


Does this apply to counter service and snacks as well as table service?


I feel the same. I really don’t see the why they decided to do this with DDE. But yet people on the dining plan can leave nothing if they choose.


so its just added to DDE?


I googled mandatory tips and found that you cannot be forced to pay a tip. One man was even arrested in New York for leaving 10% when the menu said that 18% was mandatory. The charges were thrown out because a tip is voluntary. I also found several times that it can be called a service fee and added to your bill though.

I’m sure there is a real lawyer around here :wink: , but this is what I found.


I don’t know for sure, but the fact that the email was sent to DDE people, I would think so.


I really don’t have a problem with this. I look at is as Disney is just trying to protect their employees. If service was so bad, a Manager should get involved anyways, and then you can request to have the tip removed.


I believe this is only for DDE checks. Beginning January 1 DDP will NOT have an 18 percent gratuitiy and it will be entirely up the the party to tip. I am a server at WDW and I can honestly say I give the same service, or even better service to DDP people. People on the DDP are typically at your table longer than those who may not get an Ap or dessert so you form more of a relationship with them. I am very nervous about what this will do to my income! Some people just do not tip no matter how good the service is.


Ok! That makes more sense…it still is kind of crappy…but you are getting a 20% discount so a 18% tip sort of equals it out…interesting.


I read this info earlier today on another site and one of the posters there said they called WDW to see if it was on just DDE or all meals and the person they spoke to said it was across the board.



This statement sounds WAY too broad to JUST be referring to “DDE” guests. Notice it says "Walt Disney World® Resort will be implementing an across property policy change. To me, those specific words sound like EVERY WDW restaurant and EVERY guests regardless of DDE, DDP, DVC food discount, NO plan, etc. I could TOTALLY be wrong but it kinda sounds like a blanket statement to me.

I am not so worried about them adding gratuity onto table service meals b/c I’ve never really had any problems in WDW restaurants, we generally leave 20% tip and often even leave a little cash ‘extra’ even though the DDP technically currently covers gratuity.

I was WAY more concerned with the words “policy change regarding gratuity at all food and beverage locations.” I am hearing more and more resorts doing EXACTLY what iluvwdw expereinced in the Bahamas; getting hit with an 18% “service charge/gratuity” whatever, for even purchasing a bottle of water off a cart or getting a quick service meal from a counter. :mellow: Hmmmm.


wow… that would be terrible! I cannot imagine them getting away with that, but I suppose if anyone can its Disney! I’ll see what I can find out at work tonight…


EXACTLY, that’s my concern. I know we saw this somewhere in Vegas. I can’t remember if we were at a resort or an attraction but I remember looking at a receipt and thinking “WAIT, I LITERALLY just took a drink and a muffin out of a basket in a small store.” All the dude did was ring me up!! :glare:

I think that’s the real concern here.


This sounds so shady! I really hope it is a poorly worded letter. I would say about 85% of Quick Service or Cart workers are CP’s or ICP’s and due to it being an internship sort of experience CP’s and ICP’s are not elligible to work in tipped roles (excluding mousekeepers). I don’t know where the money would go if they did this? I dont think the CM’s would be allowed to keep it…


I am so confused…I though that one the major changes to the Dinning plan in 2008 was that the tip was NO LONGER INCLUDED. Has this chnged and if so are going to raise the price of the dinning plan. Here’s my thinking on this…I already have the dinning plan as part of our vacation package for our next trip in March…if they are adding the tip in the plan again, that just works out better for me…right???


Starting in '08 gratuity will no longer be INCLUDED in your “per night” DDP cost like it is now. Currently, when you pay $38.99 per night for the DDP you are NOT required to leave a tip at table service restaurants because it’s ‘included’ in the per night cost. Starting in '08 the price of the DDP will drop $1, I think it’s going to be $37.99 per night and you will then be required to leave a tip when eating at table service restaurants.

That doesn’t mean they can’t attach 18% to your bill automatically for you to pay cash. Just like if you bought an alcoholic beverage with a dinner on the DDP, it gets added on to you bill & then you pay cash for it.

Like I said, I was just more concerned about the “ALL food and bevage service locations” part.


This all seems so strange. I will be pretty upset if it is something added to ALL locations like quick service and carts. That is madness.

As it is, it seems little shady to tack on the automatic 18% tip after removing the benefit from the dining plan. I know a lot of people were pleased with the automatic tip being removed so that they could tip according to the service they received. I’ve never had any problems with service on the DDP and I’ve always left extra but it seems that by tacking on the tip automatically but NOT covering it in the DDP, they are essentially taking away a benefit AND a choice. Interesting.