Starting planning


I just got my Tinkerbell notebook in the mail so Its time to start planning the Tokyo trip! I have a ton to do. I hope you don’t mind me planning here… Hopefully if other people are looking at it they will bring up things that I forget. Ill also post any information/sites I find about Tokyo/Tokyo Disney, just in case anyone else decides to plan a trip.

Heres the basic trip information:
DH- John, 26 will turn 27 on the trip
Myself- Heather 25 will turn 26 on the trip
DD1- Elyse, 2 almost 3
DD2- Alexandra, Lexi for short will turn 1 during trip

Basic breakdown of trip

5 days at Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea (3 meals, one for Lexi’s birthday, one for Johns/my birthday and one for our anniversary that is later in November)
rest of time in Tokyo visiting sites.

Here are some things I need to get done:
Figure out schedule.
Book Sheraton- November 8-11
Buy Tokyo Disneyland tickets
Research train system (wow they have a TON of trains… subway trains and monorails. Im confused just looking at the maps)
Read books (I have 2 books on basic Tokyo information and one on cultural walking tours of Tokyo)
Work on Japanese (so far I know Hello, Good evening and thank you)
Look into different museums/museum passes (Theres a pass I need to look up that its one set price for 66 of the local museums/zoos)
Print out maps at Tokyo Disney site
Print out Sanrio map
Make packing list
Work on girl’s Disney dresses/costumes
Work on Elyse’s hello kitty dress (already have fabric and pattern, just need to sew)
Buy Lexi’s birthday presents otherwise Ill forget
Get things together for the “Disney party” (we are throwing a little “party” to tell the girls about the trip, it was set for the 7th might have to be the weekend prior)
Figure out 1 Character meal for Lexi’s birthday, 1 nice meal for John/my birthday, 1 nice meal for anniversary
Pull down luggage 1 October.
Start buying little things for trip 1 October (shampoo, conditioner, diapers, wipes etc)
Research tour guide (They have a free service through Tokyo Town Hall that they provide a local Japanese person to give you a tour of part of the city, all you pay for is their transportation and food costs)
Get stuff for Lexi’s birthday party for when we get back
Pull out warm clothes, supplement where needed (The high in Tokyo for that time of the year is our low here. Its not super cold but I don’t think short sleeve shirts are going to cut it and we don’t own long sleeve shirts)
Get girls jackets. Convince them to wear said jackets.

I just found out that the Marine Corps Ball is on November 7th and we leave for Tokyo the morning of November 8th. So, I have to get or make a ball gown on top of everything else I need to do. If only I wasn’t so picky I could just go and buy one but nothing here suits my requirements.


Websites so far:
Sheraton: Sheraton Urayasu Hotels: Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel - Hotel Rooms at
New Sanno: U.S. Naval Joint Services Activity - The New Sanno -
Tokyo Disneyland: Tokyo Disney Resort
Museum Pass information: [“Œ‹žEƒ~ƒ…[ƒWƒAƒ€@‚®‚é‚Á‚ƃpƒX2009@ƒKƒCƒhƒyƒW
Tokyo town hall tours information: Tokyo Tourism Info:Self-guided Walking Tour


That’s so funny that our DD’s share a name, though when we shorten it we call her Ally Rae (middle name). And, their birthdays are so close! DD will turn 1 about a week after we get home.