Stay For Extra 'pirates' Ending


Be sure and stay all the way through the closing credits to see the “extra” ending to “Dead Man’s Chest!”


Thanks for the tip!:pirate: I can’t wait to see it!


I missed it~ Please pm me the details if you don’t mind.


Hey, I missed it too! The theater was so packed we just wanted to get to the car fast so we didn’t have to sit in traffic! Someone tell me the details!


So you’re the people who stand up in the theater, in front of me, before the credits run :glare:

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


MAN, I missed it too. I had no idea!


oh cool! thanks for the tip. i usually leave right as the credits start to roll, unless they show some bloopers or something like that.


It was nearly 3AM by the time the credits started rolling, and 6 theaters getting out all at once, we got out as quickly as possible. I will hand around next time. Thanks!


Yeah, it’s people like me who only get to a movie every three years that lack that movie theater etiquette!:laugh:


Haha! Well as long as you don’t talk in the theatre like you’re watching the movie in your livingroom, you’re off the hook!:laugh:
Thanks for the tip, I didn’t get to see it today but we’re trying again tomorrow.


Well, we DD and I went to see it AGAIN Saturday night and this time we were able to talk DW, DS and his fiance and one of DD’s friends to go. Just a handful of us stayed through the credits, but a few people did.

The “extra” ending is a hoot!

Here’s a clue: BOW WOW!


anyone fancying Pm’in me about it? I totally forgot and left the place as soon as the credits rolled! :frowning:


consider yourself pm’d



Uggh- We stayed the longest past anyone else in the theater- we left when staff came in to clean up. I knew we should have held out past the cleaning crew!