Stay tuned for another TR


Been back for two days.

Refrigerator restocked . . . check

Dirty clothes in the wash . . . check

Luggage put away . . . check

Mail picked up . . . check

Work still piled on my desk :glare: . . . check

Photos downloaded on computer . . . check

Yep, I’m back to reality! :pinch: Within the next day or two I might even get started on a TR if you can stand one more. :cool: Um, can you stand one more? :huh:


Heck yeah I can stand more! Bring it on!


soooooooo? Bring it on smeeeeeee


Welcome back Sally and of course we want to read your tr, so get to it girl. :rolleyes::smile:


:ohmy: We’re waiting…:laugh:


YaY another TR!


Um, helloo! Of course we can stand another TR. Don’t make me hound you now. You know what a pest I can be. :ph34r::laugh:


okay, where is it??? need another TR!


Yeah! I need one too!


UM, I think we are all in dire need of one. Today esp. I am really kinda in the dumps so I would love a TR.


ARe you really going to post another trip report because its been awhile or are you just pulling our leg?!?


Aw, sorry people. I wasn’t teasing or pulling legs. Last week just got a little crazy and I didn’t have much quality time to get started. Tomorrow night. I promise. :happy: It’s amazing how only a week has gone by but once life as we know it starts up again, vacations become a mere memory. So, I need to relive our trip and get started!
Tomorrow night. :tongue:


:laugh:[QUOTE=smee57;954208]Tomorrow night.[/QUOTE]

You know we’re going to hold you to it!:laugh: