Staying At A Condo


Any one have any good advice what to bring for groceries and meals etc. when staying at a nearby condo???


I would make sure you stock the fridge with cold cuts and other sandwich stuff! Just so you can make them to go! Saves you a bit of money so you can spend it in the parks! :cool: :wink: :happy: :pirate:


Cereal and milk, orange juice, tea or coffee, other juices or sodas, bread for toast or sandwiches


toilet paper. you’ll need that.


Breakfast foods (unless at the park) packable-picnicy foods (unless at the park) and possibly dinner foods (unless at the park!) :laugh:

We used to stay at my gramma’s condo whenever we’d go as kids. But as I’m told now, the drive is too long and the neighborhood has gotten shady. :cry:


It’s not really time-efficient to eat lunch at the condo, but breakfast foods (quick and easy) and dinners that are ready to heat are great ideas!

Things like:

Toaster Waffles (syrup and butter)
microwavable grits (Southern girl, here)

cold cuts for sandwhiches and chips for dinner
premade lasagna (Stouffers?)
Those bagged skillet meals?

I wouldn’t EVER go out of my way to actually make a big dinner at a condo. The utensils are limited and so are your cooking supplies.

Stuff like hotdogs/mac and cheese…
salad stuff

chips, cookies, junk food, if that’s your thing. :c)


We fill a drawer with snacks (packs of gum, m&ms, little bags of chips, juice boxes, etc.) and the kids load up a fanny pack each morning so they can snack at the parks without having to spend all that $$$! Espcially when they were little, this was one of their favorite parts of the day, picking out which snacks to take for the day!

Once at the parks, we of course would let them indulge a little – a Mickey Bar, or a Dole Whip or something – but with the fanny pack snacks, we never got caught up in the “Mommy, may I…” routine!


From my experience I wouldn’t plan on much more than breakfast and snacks.

What self respecting Disney freek :mickey: would be in a condo while the parks are still open? :biggrin:


We always bought breakfast foods: coffee, cereal, etc
and lunches: salad, sandwich fixings, etc.

For us, since we go in the summer when we bring all the kids, we like to hit the parks early, then go back to the house mid-day to cool off and rewind. So lunches worked best. Then we’d stay out at night and eat at the parks.

Also, another great perc to having the house/condo is having a full refrigerator. We would buy some water bottles and a couple of gallon jugs of water. Then we’d fill the bottles halfway with water and freeze them overnight. We’d add more water in the mornings and it would stay cold all day long.
It was a very efficient and cost saving method.


… Beer.


I always grab a box of spaghetti and a jar of sauce. My dh is the kind that absolutely rebels halfway through the vacation and wants something “homemade”.


It all depends on how much time you’ll be spending at the condo. If you’re like us, most of your time will be spent at the parks, so pack stuff for sammiches. Also stuff that won’t require refrigeration that you can take along in a backpack.