Staying during 2 seasons


In the allears newsletter it said dates were released for value resorts for 2007 (we’re not staying at a value so I can’t call yet, but I’m assuming the “seasons” will be the same). It says peak season ends April 14th and regular begins April 15th. Since we are going to be getting a “package” for a stay from April 12th - April 22nd are we going to pay the peak prices for the whole week or just those 1st 2 nights?


It is my understanding that unless you check out and back in on the first day of regular season (therefore, booking two separate packages) your entire stay will be at peak rates. You’ll want to ask to be sure though.


Ditto what Allyson said. As long as nothing has changed, the season your trip STARTS on (peak) is the season you will be charged for during the whole trip. This can be a plus, but in your case it’s not so great.

But as Allyson said, if you check out and back in when regular season starts, then you would be receiving regular season rates for the rest of your trip.

Hope that helps! :mickey:


Wow, that doesn’t sound so good! I wonder if I check out then check back in does and I am purchasing a package, does that affect the cost of my park passes? Since we’re staying 10 days I would pay the 10 day ticket price, but if I check in/out would I have to pay the 2 day ticket charge (very high) and then the 8 day? Very confusing!!! Does anyone know?


That’s a good question, I’m not sure. :dry: I would guess you WOULD end up paying the higher ticket price, because it would be considered booking 2 different packages, a 2-day and an 8-day. Is there any way you could move your trip by a couple of days so it fell into regular season?

I think you definitely need to call and talk to somebody, to make sure you get the best deal! :smile:


I think you’ve got two different issues here. If I remember correctly, you can buy the ticket for your full stay on the first part of the reservation. That means you can even add on the park hoppers and non-expire options. As for the pricing, you’re up Bonnet Creek without a paddle. Unless you break into two reservations, you’ll be stuck with the rate for the first day of your reservation.


Are there any drawbacks to splitting up the trip into 2 reservations? This is all new to me since in the past I always booked room-only. This time we want to do the dining plan so we need a package. Thanks for all of your help!!!


The only thing that won’t work out well for you, is you need to book AT LEAST a 1 day MYW pass for EACH reservation. So even if you get your 10 day hopper with your first ressie, you will ALSO need to buy an additional 1 day MYW pass for each member of your party on the 2nd reservation. (Right??? :huh: )


Yes, if she’s including the dining plan, then Kim is absolutely right.


well this is definately something to look into. Using the 2006 rates it would be a price difference of $560.00. I also priced out staying at a value for the 1st 2 nights (peak season) and then the BC for the last 8 nights (during regular season) and that would be a price difference of $1160!!!. I guess the only thing that would be a problem are the park tickets. I was told by one CM that the 2007 package prices would be out in June and then another CM said Aug. I’ll let you all know what happens!


I think you might be better off starting out in a value ($1160 is $1160) and switching. I know a lot of people switch resorts during stays. Your tickets would carry over, but I have no idea about the dining plan. My thought is that it would if the two stays are considered one package. Anybody else know? - I’m curious now.


As for the pass, look into just getting an Annual Pass


Tell res you want 2 seperate reservations that are linked 1 for first part 1 for second. If they are linked you will not have to check out and in.


OK, I asked this question a few months ago but now that the 2007 packages are out I actually have to book it. I was fooling around with the WDWtravel website and I keep coming up with different #'s. I just want to make sure that I am getting the right price when I call. I don’t really mind checking in and then checking back out, but I’m really concerned with the dining plan and park tickets. If the reservations are linked will the tickets carry over? We won’t be getting annual passes, but will be getting 10 day park tickets, hoppers, water park and dining.


I found out the answers to my questions. When staying during 2 seasons, in order to get the lower price for part of your stay, you do need to book 2 reservations. This is when you want to be on the dining plan:

A CM suggested to me for our 10 night stay:

3 nights (peak season) purchase 8 day hopper, 3 day dining plan

7 night (regular season) purchase 1 day MYW package, in order to get the 7 day dining plan

Believe it or not the price still came to be lower, even with the higher park ticket. The only real big drawback (besides the fact that I couldn’t just buy the 9 day park tickets) was you need to use all the dining credits for the 1st reservation up before that reservation ends or else you lose them.

To save even more $, I think we are going to stay at a moderate for the 1st 3 nights and then go to the deluxe for the 7 night stay.


That sounds terrific.

Having done something similar to this on a previous trip, I’ll tell you that Disney makes it really easy to move resorts.

However, I’ll recommend that one person in your party go to the second resort on the day of “check-in” as early as possible to make sure that you get the room of your choice (or at least as close to your choice as possible).

Since it’s the second day of regular season after peak, I suspect there may be complimentary upgrades available, so don’t be afraid to ask. :mickey:


What Allyson said.


Thanks Merlin, I will take your advise and go right to the BC and check-in before going to the parks for the day. OOOHHHH an upgrade would be nice!:wub: