Staying off property... is it that bad?


I for one love staying on property because you get to have everything Disney offers but for our next trip we are planning in May we are probably going to stay off property. My question to you is staying off property that bad? All my life I’ve stayed on Disney property this is a first in a really long time.


When we first started visiting WDW we couldn’t afford to stay on property, and used to stay in what was was then called The Grosvenor Resort right next to DTD. It had its own free shuttle buses to the Disney parks, and it was a short walk to DTD and the Crossroads shopping area too. The rooms were clean and comfortable and it had nice bars and good pools. No it didn’t have the Disney feel to it, but we liked it and had great times there.


Nothing is like staying on Disney property…but I don’t remember it being that bad staying off property. Just think of it this way, you still get to go to Disney!


I have stayed on and off property for the past 5 years. Yes, on property is awesome but off site is just fine. I have stayed at a different resort each year(using my moms timeshare) and it gave me something different each time. You will be fine. What place are you thinking about staying at??


We always stay off property now. It is different, but not bad. The only down side is driving in. Where we stay it is free, so that offsets and inconviences.


when we first started to go we had no idea there was a onsite… we stayed at the hilton and the ones arund DTD. it wasn’t BAD I just don’t think it was as convenient. it made for longer trips to and from. but id rather stay off site then not go at all. this year we had to down grade from moderate to value for financial reason. I love the moderates but to be able to go i’ll stay anywhere.


We haven’t stayed off property in years, and we only have done so twice. Both times was because we went down as a whole family ( like 20 or so of us) I was young, so I don’t think I really cared, cause honestly, I don’t think I paid much attention to hotels in general. But honestly, all we used the hotel for was swimming and sleeping. So as long as those two things are good, it was fine!

Although the driving into and out of the parks and the tram car are the BANE of my existence. I will never deal with those experiences again… haha. I’m shuttering just thinking about those evil parking lots. lol. Or as I like to call them… the NOT SO magic kingdom.

And god bless my parents, I can’t imagine lugging kids into the car, out of the car, into a stroller, to the tram stop, out of the stroller, taking everything out of the stroller, putting stroller on tram, getting to the park tram stop, opening stroller, reloading stroller, child back in stroller… and then do it again, after you’ve walked the parks all day and your kids are about to throw the biggest fit you’ve ever seen. haha.

I’m much better with the idea of kid to bus stop, on bus, off bus, open stroller, kid in stroller. hahah.

But now that I’ve gotten completely off track, my opinion is no, ofcourse it doesn’t compare, but it’s not the end of the world! You’re still spending the majority of your vacation in the magic!! And thats whats important! :happy:


I actually have stayed in a Villa 3 out of the 4 times we went. We can afford to stay longer renting a house and it works for our family of 5. It was even cheaper considering we also had to rent a car. I also loved having our own laundry and pool and it was nice to cook a few meals at a house. I didn’t mind the driving into the parks. I found that we actually spent more time waiting for buses when we stayed at AKL recently. The bus ride was so long. I much preferred hoping in a car. The major perk for staying onsite is the extra magic hours. However, when we stayed offsite we could afford to get 10 day tickets verses only 4 or 5 day tickets staying onsite.


Staying off property is not bad at all; its a given to say its just different than staying onsite. There are a lot of great places to stay off property and you have a lot of options such as places to eat and other family entertainment that is easily accessible. If you open up to the concept of staying off property I think you will still have a gret trip.


Staying off property isn’t that bad we used to do it for years, your only using the room to sleep and the pool. The only thing is not being able to take advantage of extra magic hours.


We’ve stayed off and on. The 2 times we stayed off the experiences weren’t so much defined as on vs off, but rather where the “off” was located. The first time it was right outside the gate so the commute time wasn’t anymore than sometimes waiting for an on-site bus. Matter of fact by traveling in a car we were able to hop from park to park faster than using WDW transpo. The 2nd time we stayed across from Universal and :nonono2::nonono2::nonono2:never again. It felt like we spent a HUGH chunk of the day in transit.
So imo if you’re not looking for more than a place to sleep and 4 walls to babysit your stuff while in the parks all day then the only disadvantages are EMH and resort package pickup (if you use it, we do). But if you want the full Disney experience then, well, you know:wink:


I stayed off site the first time I ever went to WDW but then again I was only a kid. Yes it does not have the Disney feel but you are still in orlando and you still get to go to the Disney parks.


We have stayed off site many times and it isn’t bad at all, just different. You get a lot more bang for your buck when you stay off site as a rule. You also save a lot of money by eating off property too, so take advantage of it as often as you can.

I have no problem with the parking lots, as we bring our car even when we stay on property.

When it comes right down to it: you still are going to Disney, no matter where you sleep.


Thanks everyone looks like we are staying in the Royal Parc Suites?


great question. I’m staying off site for the first time in March…Windsor Palms Resort…there will be 8 of us and the price was great…but if we eat in the park most days (as i’m sure we will) it seems like its not much of a savings. unless of course we don’t do all of the fun themed meals…I guess we’ll scale back this time and see how it goes.


You’re staying right on Irlo Bronson, which is very close to the WDW (DTD entrance, I believe). I’ve stayed offsite TONS of times and I’ve never regretted it. Yes, being onsite is better, in that you’re totally immersed in everything Disney - but Orlando has A LOT of fun to offer outside Disney, too! It’s great to be able to mix it up and enjoy all of it.

You’re going to really enjoy your time!! Have fun!!!


I’ve never stayed off site. We really hate having to deal with driving and trying to figure out how to get here to there. For us the drive from our house to the airport is enough. Also we (my DH and I) split up a lot. He doesn’t want to stay for fireworks and I do, he wants a nap and I’m jumping on the bed :blink: so I head out to the parks.

But my point is I’ve read other people say stuff like dancing4disney. They got a suite for the price of a room. They liked being separate for some downtime and not always running to a park. It comes down to what you want and what you are willing to give up. Before we got DVC, we were value resort people. We thought we would rather stay at least twice as long at POP than stay at POLY. My DSIL feels staying at the POLY makes a better trip even if it is only 5 days vs 10 at POP.


I’m with your DSIL. I’m an on-site kind of person, and won’t even consider staying off site. That’s because of experiences in the past. When we stayed at CBR, it was a totally different vacation than what we wanted, so tried to switch mid-week to AKL but no room. That affected our quality of the vacation we were expecting. It’s just what’s important to you. We use the resort just as much as the parks, and if the resort is not up to what we want, I feel kind of jilted.


The first house my parents bought when they were married was a vacation home in Central Florida. It was perfect for us at the time - only 20 minutes away from the parks. We used to go to WDW a lot. We’d also go to Universal or Sea World. And then we could just have a Central Florida vacation. My dad is a golfer, and the house had a pool. We had our own bedrooms and could keep our toys and clothes there. We actually lived there for a year, too.

However, it eventually became too much to keep up. The property value was decreasing, so my dad sold it - fortunately right before a hurricane hit and tore the roof up. Great timing.

So we stayed onsite at WDW for the first time in 2006 and loved it. It’s great being so close to the parks. But I definitely don’t think it’s that bad to stay off-site. You’ll still be at WDW everyday, anyway.


I think that the main difference is the reality of the world hits you when you crank up the car and drive off Disney property. Than, you are thinking about traffic, exits, where you are going, etc… Then, the reality of getting to the hotel room… regular tv channels, etc… They all make a difference. However, when you cross back on to Disney property, you get the thrill of coming to Disney every day!

We did it last year because my husband had a conference in Orlando… we stayed half on property, and half off. Of course we liked the on property better, but I think it was because my husband was with us, and things like getting breakfast quickly was easier.

Staying off site versus not going… I would stay off site any day-but don’t tell my husband… :slight_smile: Enjoy your trip and do not worry about it!!!