Staying Overnight at MK...What Would You Do?


Well, tonight begins my overnight rehearsals for Aladdin’s Royal Guard Recruitment show that’ll take place during Pirate and Princess Parties. For the next 2 days I’ll be at MK from 11pm to 8am rehearsing at Jungle Cruise for the debut this Saturday night. I’ve done many, MANY late night rehearsals at MK but never an all nighter, so the excitement is definitely abound.

I know that I’ll be there for business and business only, but my mind can’t help but wonder…what would/could I do all night long at the MK? Which raises the thread…If you could stay at the MK all night long, what would you do?

Well since I’m rehearsing at Jungle Cruise since that’s where the show will take place, I know I’d take a personal VIP cruise myself. Or maybe ride Haunted Mansion. Noone else around, no CMs…how creepy would that be. I know that after reading Kingdom Keepers I most definitely WOULD NOT ride Small World. Not taking any chances. So what would you guys do?


I’d load up on the Dole whips!


Haunted Mansion would be super creepy, riding it all by yourself at midnight!


Will everything be lit up? Because I would be in awe… just walking down mainstreet…


Yep, most all lights would be up and running, and the ambience playing as well.


Can’t believe I didn’t think of that.


Wow the possibilities are endless! I am very jealous!!


That would be so much fun!!! (I’ve always fantasized about living at MK all by myself…)

Let’s see…

I would ride Space Mountain a million times
And try to get the high score on Buzz
Then I’d get out of the boat on it’s a small world and walk around (always wanted to do that… it would be pretty easy to jump, I think)
Stand up on Dumbo
Wake up Jose in the Tiki Room (also always daydreamed about having conversations with the birds… I’m so weird)
Ride Big Thunder!!!
And Splash!
Drive my own Jungle Cruise boat, of course…
Search for the ghost that supposedly lives at POTC…
And freak myself out on the Haunted Mansion!!!

(and every ride with song, I will be singing along!!! Someone in my family always yells at me to shut up, especially in the Tiki Room - “I sing so beautiful, I should sing solo.” “Si, so low I can’t hear you!” “My voice may not be so marvelous, but my profile is out of this world!” “The trouble is, it is not far enough out of this world!” - oh, I can quote every joke!!!)


I don’t know what I would do…probably ride everything I love over and over again. And I’m with Daisee - It would just be cool to walk down Main Street without a crowd.

Have fun Rowdy!


I am not sure what i would do but i agree i would stay away from It’s A Small World. That ride will never be the same after reading The Kingdom Keepers.


What ever they would let me do. :pirate:


Wow… I would stand at the WDW train station and just look down Main Street! I missed the Kingdom Keepers… What’s that all about?


What is that all about with the Kingdom Keepers and Small World?? Kinda curious… :huh:
I think I would most likely hang out at the Hall of Presidents… I cant ever remember going there and not hearing something new…


Me too!!! I would do everything…until they told me I couldn’t!:laugh: :laugh:


The question is, what wouldn’t I do?


Well, Kingdom Keepers is a fantasy book about what goes on at MK after dark and all the guests leave. At one point in the book Maleficent puts a spell on Small World and all the dolls come to life and attack the children trying to unlock the clues of the Magic Kingdom. So you can see why I’m not very interested in being around there at night.


I read the book too, and that ride now scares me to death. Not like it didn’t before. But I’m now never going to go on it after dark again. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME! TT_TT


First night staying at MK was great! One more to go…and no the Small World dolls didn’t attack…but I’m prepared just in case! :pirate:


Me too! :laugh:


I would do everything I can and everything I shouldn’t. I would also stop by Mickey’s house and see if he wanted to get up and ride with me.