Staying @ Pop


Hi everyone, I am now staying at Pop.
Any suggestions as where to stay here?
I just changed my reservation. So
excited to be staying at Pop.
Any help on where to stay would be
great! Thanks


I have been in the 80s and 90s and I liked both. I am hoping we stay in another decade this time.


We stayed in the 80’s section. I loved it. I was a tween~teen in the 80’s so it brings back fond memories… and I love the music by the pool.


I will be there in May and requested the 50;s building. I did it because my aunt wanted to stay there so we will see what happens


We stayed in the 70’s last trip and loved it. It was a close walk to everything (although none of the buildings are really that far away), but far enough away from the main hall and pools that it was relatively quiet. I loved the disco music that played all day. We were actually on the ground floor in the shadow of the big wheel!



We’ve stayed in the 80s and the 70s and I think maybe the 50s once. Our family LOVES the Pop, but we’ve just outgrown it size-wise. (Five of us!) I think it has the best food court and gift shop. The rooms are a little small, but they are pretty nice and the pools/courtyards, etc seem to make the kids really super happy. :c)

I seem to remember thinking the 70s in a preferred room was the best place to stay. :c)


I’ve stayed in all sections and have loved each. I really couldn’t name a favorite.


I think my favorite was when we stayed behind Mickey’s butt. :laugh:

I really don’t remember the section number, but our room was near the butt of the Mickey phone. :laugh:

We were on floor 2 for those who are interested. I guess it was the 70s or 80s section. The courtyard was the coolest. It had twister and a disco ball, I think?


Congratulations on getting into POP, I’ve never stayed there myself but all you MBer’s rave about it. Have a GREAT trip!


I see you’ve stayed at the Coronado Springs resort - it’s one of my faves!! But, the Pop IS our family favorite!


We always request a preferred location and we’ve never been unhappy with our location. We always seem to get the building directly facing the main pool. We’ve never had a problem with noise and just love the views.


I am so glad that everyone has good things to say. This
makes me even happier!


Get a building section that’s close to the parking lot!
Try building 1, 2, 7, or 9.


I have stayedin 80’s and 50’s both were nice


Ok thanks for all of your suggestions.


We have stayed in the 60’s and 70’s buildings and loved them both. Last year we stayed on the lake side of the 60’s building and really enjoyed it because it was soooo quiet.


We’ve stayed in the 50’s building overlooking the lake. Never a problem with noise. This time we were in the 60’s overlooking the lake. Very quiet. Closer walk to the food court/bus stop, too, but the 50’s wasn’t a terrible walk by any means. Personally, I think you’d enjoy any building at Pop! :happy:


Ok from all of your comments it sounds like I really don’t need to worry that much about room location.


Nah, none of them are really far away. Some of them are amazingly close, but none are terrible! Have you seen the map on Allears? You can see the best and worst of it and get an idea of where you definitely do NOT want to be! :c)


No I haven’t but I will check right now.