Staying the winter at Fort Wildness


Here a question that I have been looking for an answer to. Could you stay at the campgrounds say for 90 day in the winter. I know the cost would be around $9200 for the spot for that amount of time. I never seen anyone on here who have done that. If I won the lottery I would love to do in a fully loaded RV. Beside they probably weren’t sell me the island in Bay Lake.


We saw a Christmas show on Fort Wilderness where campers were spending the entire winter in FW. They were called “Settlers”. LOL. They had elaborate Christmas decorations and lights set up. So, I am guessing that yes, you can still do this.


Winter in Florida and in WDW? Oh my wouldn’t that be fabulous?


I wonder if Disney has some special rates for people like that. I have said in the past I will be a snowbird when I retire, spending a couple of months in Florida each year. An RV at Ft. Wilderness is one of my options I’m considering, rather than buying a condo with monthly association fees.


Oh that would be a fun thing to do. I hope you can swing it sometime.


Yep, they are usually there from October to May.


I have heard of dvc people planning to buy enough points along the way so they can winter at disney.


Wow, now that is crazy. But, you know, they could do it for a couple hundred thousand and it would work. A nice condo would cost them that, they would have to pay condo association dues and utilities, and honestly, wouldn’t be as nice of a place.

I could TOTALLY see that… Now, where did I hide some money? I am only 199, 750 or so.


That would be a pretty amazing experience. There are people who have done something similar, I’v read on other boards and seen pictures of the decorated sites etc and it looked amazing! Can’t think of a better way to spend the winter really!


Oh my - wouldn’t that be lovely! Really - when you think about it - it’s a pretty cheap way to spend the winter. Even I could handle camping at FW in a beautiful RV.


I saw the same show and it looks like there are many that do it.


There are. Starting at Halloween, people decorate like crazy!


You can absolutely do it. There is no special rate, you just make successive reservations and be prepared to pay. They used to have a winter deal, but that was at least 10 years ago. Now if you work camp, that means work at Disney for the winter, I believe they have something in place for that. Not sure though, because we know a couple who do work seasonally at WDW and they stay off-property. Hope this helps.


It is so much fun and a different experience that staying in a hotel. We have never spent a whole winter at FW, but we have stayed as long as 3 weeks. It was wonderful! We loved wintering in FL so much that we bought land here.


I would love to do that. It would be so much fun!


Last time I went to the hoop dee doo I saw a guy talking to a cast member while we were waiting to go in. They knew him by name I started talking to him and he told me that he spends every winter at FW from the first week of November and leaves about mid April.