Staying with a Dog


We plan on bringing our family beagle “Mickey” with us on our next visit. Are there any hotels in the Lake Buena Vista area that allow pets? If so, has anyone ever stayed at one?


I know that the Universal Hotels allow pets.


I think I’ve seen a sign outside the Orlando Vista Hotel (which is a good neighbor hotel and within walking distance to DTD) that says pets welcome. You could call an ask. We’ve stayed there before when we were looking for homes in the area and it’s a fantastic place ~ beautifully themed and colorful and the staff is amazing.

I don’t know of any other places off-hand. I’m sure you can find the info on the hotels’ websites or call them directly. I do know that there are several day kennels on Disney property. You can even have a Photopass session with your pet at some of them!


I don’t know if there is one or not, but La Quinta advertises that all their locations accept pets.


If you log onto Expedia to search for hotels one of the advance search items is for pet friendly hotels. Give it a try.


Sunspree Holiday Inn you asked about in the other post, allows pets too. We didn’t take ours though.