Steak houses that are kid friendly


Does anyone have a suggestion on a really good steakhouse at Disney World? I need for it to be kid friendly too. Our daughter won’t eat steak so some sort of chicken or spaghetti will need to be available from the menu also. :minnie:


Hi Kelly, I have only been to the Yachtsman Steakhouse and don’t really think it’s kid friendly. And I cannot think of any other place that has steaks :ohmy:
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How old is your DD? My DGD (age 2 1/2) was happy just having cheese soup and bread at Le cellier.


LE CELLIER…definitely kid friendly!!! And my favorite meal in all the World. :wub:


LeCellier (if you can get in). It’s a tough res.


There are only three steakhouses in all of WDW.
There is le Cellier, which is the least costly, and the absolute hardest to even get a reservation due mostly to the dining plan.
There is Yachtsman’s which is two credits if you’re on the dining plan and a relatively small dining room.
And there is Shula’s, the most expensive of the three and not on any dining plan because it is in the Dolphin, not a Disney owned hotel.
I wouldn’t call any of them “kid friendly” although le Cellier is probably the closest to that description, being it is inside one of the parks.
Yachtsman’s is one of the signature restaurants, so there is more of an emphasis on the meal itself. Shula’s has plenty of football memorabilia, but again, I’d say it isn’t really kid friendly so much as kid tolerant.


Check the menus @ Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World. And we couldn’t get in to Le Cellier for an upcoming trip for dinner. We did manage to make a 1p.m. ressie so we’ll eat our TS meal early that day. Stay flexible about it and enjoy.


This link is quicker:

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Our daughter is 9. She would probably want something more substantial and closer to her usual choices of chicken strips/nuggets or spaghetti. However, I must admit, cheese soup and bread sound GREAT to me! :laugh::minnie:


isn’t there a steakhouse in the Contemporary? Or did it close/get moved? I would think that if it’s still there it’s pretty kid friendly…no?


It was right next to Chef Mickey’s so you could hear everything and sometimes see the characters running around although I wouldn’t exactly have called it kid friendly. I say was because Contemporary Steakhouse closed last May for good and has been replaced by the Contemporary’s new quick serve eatery.
Downstairs, where the old Food and Fun Center was located has been turned into The Wave, a new sit down, with a strange menu.