Steamboat Willie


I have been looking for awhile for a steamboat willie pin.

<— as you can see he’s my charicter.

I have seen two diffrent ones.
One is the flex pin, I have that one.
The other is a larger pin and I saw it once but the guy would not trade anything for it.

Does anyone know of such a pin around or does anyone have one to trade?



Well, there are actually about 30 Steamboat Willie pins in existance. They seem to be issued everywhere, Disneyland, WDW, Paris, Disney Store, etc… I don’t think any of them are of limited supply, with the exception of the one below, which there are only 100 of. They shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Check out, and search for steamboat willie.


I found one!!! :smiley:

Just released under the “12 months of disney magic” series.

I am still looking for other Steamboat Willies to trade.



My son and I were looking at his lanyard this morning, and found a steamboat willie. He told me he would like to trade you for something that you have. He is looking for an Animal Kingdom pin (any one would do). He said he would like anything else you have to offer if you don’t have one from AKL.

Here is the picture (taken from pinpics, so it’s not great, but it is the same pin):


That is the Flex Pin Steamboat Willie. I have that pin and I am not too intrested in that pin, but it he would like to see what I have to offer.

My PinPics Username is jfmoe.


If you already have it, no problem, I will let him know. We will be in California in a couple of weeks to visit DL. We will keep our eyes out for something.


That’s very cool. I hope you have a good time at Disneyland. I wish I could go too.