Still Disney...Kind of Silly!


This going to seem very silly and probably on the strange side. But when I was either 5 or 6 can’t really remember. My parents forced me to go on Snow White’s Scarey Adventure. :fork_off: Well that witch absolutely scared me to death. Even to this day…yea yea I am an adult…I won’t go on the ride. So now come this Sat or Sun I am going to go on that ride. YEA ME!!! :happy:

See I told ya’ll going to be a silly post…lol:redface:

My other problem is going to have to ride Everest pretty much by myself. As my roommate won’t ride any kind of coaster. I have heard some different stories about Everest. Like bring extra pants, don’t eat before riding etc. I am a big coaster fanatic and nothing phases me except for that Witch in the Snow White Ride!! LOL I don’t think I have anything to worry about or do I?

And please take this post with a sense of humor!!! :redface:


EE is a great ride and if you have done RnRC then this will be even easier. It jumped to my favorite coaster ride just beating out RnRC


If you like roller coasters, you’ll love EE. No extra pants needed and I’ve heard of a few people getting a little nausea going backwards on the ride, but no barf bags needed. As for Snow White, you’re not the only one that got scared to death as a youngster. As an adult, you’re going to laugh at how lame the ride is. :laugh: Have fun and let us know how it went.


I would not say Everest is scary. It is a great, smooth ride.

As for Snow White, that witch is kind of scary!!


I guess wew are in the same boat. I won’t ride this ride to this day either. I won’t force my kids to ride the HM either. I want them to want to ride something. Every trip I always ask them “do you want to ride Haunted Mansion” it is always NO. So thats it.


Everest is amazing, definalty a great coaster and you will love it! Some great twists and turns that surprise all first timers!


If you love coasters, you will love EE. It is a very smooth ride. Not scary at all. I just can not do it back to back.


I dont think its silly at all- I still have terrible fears of spiders because of when I was little.

EE is not bad at all- I think that its just really fast and so on- SM is worse because its all in the dark and you never know what is coming- RNRRC is also super fast- and it catches you off guard teh first time you ride it- but ultimately its fine.


I discovered that I can not do it two times in a row either. I need a break in between rides.

And, I still don’t like Snow White’s ride either. :pinch:


If you’re a “real” coaster fan, you’ll be able to eat EE like a mid afternoon Triscuit.
The lift is is extremely quiet as a magnet holds the chain dogs from making that clacking sound. The backward section is a lot easier on a body than a cookie cutter Vekoma boomerang clone. The second forward section is pretty ok and if you look hard while your train is being held, you can see the track rotate the switch into position. This is followed by a few tight up and down changes in direction, and then it’s over as you roar past the roaring Yeti animatronic.
It’s no Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Montu, Kumba, Gwazi, Sheikra, or Kraken (the big coasters in Florida) and neither is RnRCoaster, but they are still decent full sized coasters.


Quick points for “real” coaster riders.-

  1. EE’s 50 MPH isn’t that fast in the coaster world. Also EE is only 80 feet tall, just the building is almost 200 feet.
  2. After enough rides on SM, a seasoned coaster rider can memorize what is going to happen next and also, after being in the reduced light of the queue area, once you’re out on the track, if you look hard, you CAN see where you are and what’s coming. Plus, there are no drops bigger than 30 feet on SM.
  3. RnRCoaster’s launch isn’t as intense as some of the other launched coasters out there, especially Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka, as well as Flight of Fear, Storm Runner, and Xcelorator which all launch at 80 MPH or better.

EE is super fun, but certainly not in the category of those “super coasters”, like “The Hulk” or “Dueling Dragons” at Universal . No being shot out of a cannon, turning upside down, etc. Just great Disney magic with some “Oooohs” :ohmy: thrown in.

You should have no problem at all.


I have total faith that you can not only face the Witch!!! but also brave the Yeti with no problems! Go for it! They are both really cool rides!!!


Personally, I think the witch is scarier than the Yeti. He’s kind of cuddly.:happy: I mean - he’s obviously not having a good day - but it happens to the best of us…


Everest is one fantastic ride- better than rock n roller coaster but not as bad as HULK, duelling dragons or shekra.

snow white- snow way.

there are some sites like YOUTUBE that might have everest ride in film for you to look at.

enjoy the ride:heart:


That’s funny, there HAS to be a name for this phobia we have. I TOO am terrified of the witch in Snow White’s Scary Adventure! I STILL feel uneasy when we go on that ride and the witch gets WAY too close to your vehicle, I HATE it!! There are actually a couple audio animatronics in Spaceship Earth, PoTC, etc. that absolutely spook me out too. Sno White was always the first, I remember when my parents used to make me go on it I would squeeze my eyes closed really shut and making a humming sound in my head so I wouldn’t hear anything. :laugh: I’m 29 and I still don’t like that witch.


I don’t think that is a silly fear at all!

I actually dealt with the same sort of thing for a long time, only my fear was of the Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland…because you have to go into Monstro the Whale’s mouth. When I went to DL for the first time at age 6, I was absolutely TERRIFIED of Monstro and didn’t want to go. My dad tried to make me, until my mom finally convinced him otherwise. But I still had nightmares from that point on, and refused to go on the ride even as an adult! (Of course I was just being silly…it’s not even a scary ride and you’re only in Monstro’s “belly” for a matter of seconds, but that’s why I completely understand your fear of Snow White!)

You can do it…you can conquer your fear! :happy: Good luck!


Ya’ll are the best!!! LOL And some of the answers just had me rolling :laugh: And I agree I would think a big fuzzy monster would be a lot more cuddly than some ugly ol witch. :whistling:


Extra pants :laugh: