Still no confirmation?


I still have not been confirmed for my ressie in May- is this normal? I was told that the developer points take a little longer but we are going on 2 weeks since placed. Any thoughts?


I still have not received mine, either, and I know we joined and probably booked around the same time. I have not gotten any emails or written confirmation from them. I assume it’s normal. I doubt that both of us are unusual cases


OK- good- I was just worried that I was supposed to do something else and perhaps did not know or something… I hate being NEW!


woohoo, you are buying at AKV or SS?


SSR- it was $10 off per point and less in annual fees-


Would you mind telling me how much you paid per point? I haven’t paid much attention to the current offers.


I dont mind- I think it was $94 a point- plus I was also given 100 developer points to use in a year-


Thanks! Because we’re buying a sold out resort I hadn’t paid attention to the cost of the current resorts.


I bought off a promotional email I was given- the going rate is $104 a point- if you bought AKL you would be able to get it for $96 a point until Feb 18th I think. It was $2 more a point from SSR and so we just went with the SSR


I think I was offered that same price because I a member referred me. BCV was $101 a point but no closing costs. I’m sure we could have gotten it cheaper through a resale company but a lot of those don’t have any points left for at least the current use year.


yeah- I had told them that someone referred me as well. That was why I had been given the email that I was. He said that- it was not an email that was sent to everyone. But you knew where you wanted to be- we did not have that luxury since we have never stayed at any of the resorts before. From all that I have seen and read, this one would have been the best for my big family anyhow so it worked for us- And after all you still got a great deal in the end.


OH! They sent the confirmation to me and put both of our names on it! I thought this was my 1st hint to another Girl Trip. :tongue:


so it worked with your name??
Im game for a girls trip!


That is very true.


I think once you add in all the fees and closing costs, the price difference isn’t necessarily all that much between buying at DVC and resale. I think if your resale deal is too good, DVC does not allow the deal to go through. They have some sort of first dibs or something…

At least, I hope that’s right! LOL!!!


You’re right, they have FROR to keep the resale prices up. We did think about closing costs and that’s part of why I really didn’t think about going through a resale company. I’m still not sure why there aren’t closing costs on a sold out resort.

Plus, I got to work with a great DVC guide!


Yep. It’s called First Right of Refusal. If the offer is below a certain point they will buy it and then resell. That’s how DVC get points to sell at sold out resorts.

On resales you pay closing costs that can really run your cost per point up. If you buy 100 point contract at $85 per point with $795 closing costs then you are really paying $93 per point. Throw in financing and or promotions and it’s a no brainer.

I added 200, got 200 2007 points, & 275 developer points. If I rent all 475 points at $10 and apply it to my purchase price with the $10 SSR promotion that’s like getting the points at $70!


If it helps, I can give you our timeline: We signed up and gave our deposit on January 9; I made a reservation for March 28 on January 12. Last week we got our final papers, this last Thursday (1/31) we got our annual pass vouchers, and today (2/2) I called MS and confirmed our reservations and made our magical express reservation. She said our reservation confirmation letter had just been sent in the mail.

Maybe this timeline will help - I was getting a little worried that it was getting close to the date and I didn’t want to be left out! Our first trip as DVC members - woohoo!


I forgot to say that I used our developer points for this reservation…sorry


Have you signed onto You can check your reservation and get a confiramtion there. I have been waiting for a little over two weeks for our confirmation at the end of May but it was on right away.