Still no free dinning announcement


I was really looking forward to this announcement. I really thought it was going to be announced on the 27 as that was when the kids play and stay free expired. But instead it was extended.


I got free dining when i booked in Feb./march


I’m almost patiently waitng as well… thought it would be announced by now. PLEASE!


Let’s keep hoping something soon lol


I was lucky enough to get a free pin code in the mail for the counter service so I just paid the extra $12 for my DH and I and booked the table service one. Better than us paying $40 something per person per day


I read on AllEars Facebook discussion page to expect the announcment on April 29 for Disney Visa holders and to the public on May 3rd… So crossing fingers!


i hope thats what they do and thanks for the info.


We are waiting on that too- I had a feeling it would be May time, fingers crossed then.


My DW is on a secret shopping board for Disney merchandise which is either hosted by Disney or by a marketing company which is hired by Disney. The free dining conversation came up on one of the blogs. There was an answer on the blog directly from Disney which stated the same information Allears is reporting - Disney Visa on the 29th and all others on the 3rd of May. There was still speculation that it would be a tiered offering, meaning that value resorts would get free quick service and others get the full dining plan. Disney never confirmed or denied this. Hopefully everyone will get the full dining plan. We should know tomorrow.


does anyone know yet?


Free dining was release this morning for Disney Visa cardholders! Woohoo! The dates are August 15th-October 2nd. It’s QS dining for Values and Regular dining for everyone else. I was able to upgrade the qs dining to regular dining at Pop this morning! Oh, and MNSSHP tickets were released today too!


They may only do the Quick Service option.
From an article posted on the Palm Beach Post web site.

“Analysts also said that Disney could have trouble returning to full prices without triggering an attendance drop. The company has said it is trying to wean consumers off of promotions gradually; Disney World, for instance, is currently reducing hotel rates by as much as 30 percent, which, while significant, is a significantly smaller discount than last year’s seven-days-for-the-price-of-four offer.”

entire story
Attendance gains at Disney parks are universal, gap widens over Central Florida rivals


I was talking to my travel agent friday and it’s looking a lot like the future Free Dining plans could be Quick Service for Value resorts and Standard for Moderate & Deluxe. That’s the general feel she’s getting. Of course there’s always the option to pay the $10 a day or so upgrade per person. I guess this way Disney can get people into their resorts, throw them a bone but still get some of that dining money back. Sandy and i talked about it and she would never want the QS package. She’s gotten way too spoiled :laugh:


we are also waiting, not so patiently… we are staying at the port Orleans riverside. even if it is quick services then it isn’t as much to upgrade.


She’s not alone! We have too!! We’ve love having a character meal every day of our trip so to settle for QS & pay out of pocket for those meals~not gonna happen!! I know, I know~ Spoiled is the only word for it!:laugh:


Free quick serve for the value resort starting Aug 15th


Yes we are going booked Pop for 8 nights.